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Two reasons why the process of canning food kills microbes?

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Heat or air

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The process of canning food kills microbes?

because they do not have heat or air

What kills microbes?

sometimes Bactria can kill microbes

Write two reasons why the process of cannin foodputting food in tins kills microbes?

People put the can in high temperatures and that sterilizes the canPeople put the can in high temperatures and that sterilizes the cancb

How does the body keep out microbes?

The Body KILLS microbes as much as it can using white blood cells. The cells either engulf it or create ANTIBODIES which still onto the microbes and kills it.

How does canning work?

Simply stated, the canning process kills off bacteria that spoils food by means of salt, acid, and/or heat and sets up a vacuum seal so that the canned food cannot be contaminated.

How can immunisation stop people catching diseases?

your stomach acids fight it off and they kill the microbes. in a way this is good and bad because if it kills the bad microbes then it kills the good microbes in our body aswell!

What two reasons that the acid in your stomach is beneficial?

It aids in digestionIt protect us from some microbes that are pathogens. Some disease causing microbes are present in contaminated or food that are not properly treated. The acid pH of the stomach kills those microbes and protect us from disease.

Which system in your body kills microbes?

Electrical apparatus for kills microorganisms in the human Hasam

How does fruit stay fresh in cans?

It is heated briefly during the canning process; this kills any bacteria inside and effectively leaves it sterile until opened.

A chemical agent that kills pathogenic microbes in general is what?


How cooking food properly kills microbes?

by killing your self h

How do antibiotics kill microbes?

they have something special which kills them but recently it has been discovered that a few types of microbes cant be killed with antibiotics !!!!!!!

What is the Main function of autoclave?

An autoclave is an instrument used to sterilize labware through moist heat. This process effectively kills any microbes that may be residing on labware.

Why does canning make food last longer?

It kills and prevents the recontamination of harmful pathogens.

How does canning help preserve food for longer?

Canning is an important and safe method for preserving food if used properly. The canning process involves placing foods in jars or similar containers and heating them to a temperature that kills microorganisms that cause food to go of. During this heating process air is forced out of the jar and as it cools a vacuum seal is formed. This vacuum seal prevents air from getting back into the product bringing with it contaminating microorganisms.

What is the theme in 13 reasons why?

Suicide isn't what kills you, the reasons why does.

Why is a fever useful to us in the face of a microbial invasion?

Because the high temperature kills the microbes.

How does pasteurization help control bacteria?

The pasteurization process uses high heat (just below boiling) for specific periods of time. This heat kills 99.99 percent of microbes and thus controls bacteria.

WHAT Kills the aliens in the war of the worlds?

If you watched the end of the movie you would have seen that it was bacteria and microbes that killed the aliens.

What process kills harmful bacteria with heat?

pasteurization kills bacteria with heat

How does stomach acid protect us from microbes?

Stomach acid kills (by digesting) microbes which enter through our mouth. They move along our digestive system and will eventually end up in the stomach which contains hydrochloric acid.

What microbes produces a protein that kills insects?

Bt-corn, a genetically modified organism contains bt protein, which is a protein that kills insects. The protein can kill an insects within minutes after ingestion.

Why does jam not spoil when left outside the refrigerator?

because the jam is heat treated before sealed and so has no microbes on it, even when you open it the high amount of sugar dries out the microbes, which then kills them (see below) the sugar is a solute and the jam is the solution. also jam is viscous so it slows them down while the sugar kills them

What does sterilization do?

Sterilization is a process that kills microorganisms.

What is the process that kills bacteria in milk?