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Two weeks after you have your alternator replaced why would the battery light come on then the anti-lock brakes and seatbelt lights?


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2005-04-27 17:26:09
2005-04-27 17:26:09

when you replace the alternater you need to replace the battery There is a moderate rate of defective new or rebuilt alternators and voltage regulators. This can be as much as on in 20 to one in 15. I mention voltage regulators because often later cars have the voltage regulator built into the alternator. I replaced a bum alternator with a rebuilt one, only to find that a week later my battery was low. I replaced the old battery, and all was well for three weeks, when my new battery ran down. Monitoring the battery voltage when the car was running told the tale. The alternator/regulator was only holding the battery up at 13.2V while idling, not the 14V minimum that the service manual specified. Back to the shop for another unit!


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The computer only resets when the battery is removed. The alternator just charges the battery, so if the battery is left connected when the alternator is replaced, the computer should not reset.

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Alternator is not charging. Have it tested and/or replaced.

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