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Q: Type of farming where farmers leave plant stalks to reduce erosion?
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When farmers leave plant stalks in the field to reduce soil erosion it is called .?

No-till or reduced-till farming, fallowing, etc.

What is it called when farmers leave plant stalks in the field to reduce soil erosion?

No-till or reduced-till farming, fallowing, etc.

What farmers leave plant stalks in the field to reduce soil erosion?

Many farmers throughout agricultural areas of the US follow this practice.

What is the practicing of leaving old stalks to provide cover from rain in order to reduce water runoff and soil erosion is called?

cover crops

What is plant stalks are left behind in the fields after harvesting to reduce soil erosion?

They are typically called after-stems.

What do you call it when a farmer leaves plant stalks in the field to stop erosion?

No-till farming: means that farmers leave all of the last crop's residue in the soil while planting the new crop.

Practice of leaving plant stalks in the field?

no-till farming

A farmer is growing corn and wants to maintain soil fertility and reduce erosion what conservation methods could the farmer try?

Conservation Plowing because the farmers disterb the soil and its plant cover very little as possible. Dead weeds and stalks of the previous crops are left on the ground to help return the nutrients, retain moisture, and hold the soil in place, also preventing erosion.

How was farming affected by aliens?

Farming was effected by aliens because aliens sent down beams creating the crop art, or the pictures in the corn stalks.

What is a reaper in farming?

A reaper is used to cut down the stalks of plants to gather, usually during harvest time.

In no-till farming plant stalks are?

Left on the ground to decompose naturally. They might be mowed down, or simply left standing.

Can horses eat corn stalks?

I know for sure that cattle love to eat corn stalks! We had two horses once, and They loved to eat hay, which is similar to corn stalks. Another thing horses eat is thistles. They love 'em! If a horse won't eat the corn stalks, I am sure that there are farmers out there who would be willing to buy it for their cattle.

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