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Ancient musical instrument similar to the buccina

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Who presents organizes advertises and finances concerts at performance venues such as stadiums nightclubs and auditoriums

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Musical Instruments

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The English horn is a member of which family

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Q: Type of north American folk musicplayed with the banjo?
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What type of instrument is the banjo?

The banjo is classed as a string instrument

What type of music does the banjo play?

Although dixieland and bluegrass are the the most popular banjo styles, all kinds of music can be played on the banjo.

Is the banjo a type of guitar?


How many octaves does a banjo have?

Around three octaves, depending on the actual tuning and the type of banjo.

What type of bear is Banjo?

A honeybear

What type of animal is the north American bobolink?


What type of banjo in deliverance?

5 string

What type of instrerment is an banjo?

The Banjo is a stringed instrument that most commonly has 5 strings but also can be made with 4 or 6.

What type of ecosystem does a buffalo live in?

the north American prairie

What was the greatest factor in shaping North American cultural groups?

The climates of the areas in which they lived dictated the type of civilization and society for North American and Mesoamerican tribes.

What type of instrument is a Banjo?

The banjo is a stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity to form a resonator. A banjo has different versions such as the 4-string version and the 5-string version. The modern Banjo is popular in jazz, fusion and also in classical contexts. A new of flow of cool and funky banjo inspired music has arrived.

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A type of North American bird; specifically eastern region.

The type of porcupine found in the coniferous forest?

North American porcupine

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Its a divergent tectonnic plate

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north American plate because it is located in eastern California. that portion is on the north American plate

What type of plate is North America?

The North American Plate is a combination of continental and oceanic plates. North America itself is continental crust.

What type of wave is produced in banjo?

Standing sound waves.

What marks the boundary between the Pacific and North American Plates?

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What marks the boundary between the pacific and North American plate?

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She is a red-crested breegull.

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The castor canadensis is more commonly known as the North American beaver, the largest rodent in the United States. The name can refer to the North American or the Canadian beaver.

What is a north American assassin bug?

The North American Assassin Bug is a type of beetle.It is called the Assassin Bug because it is known to kill all types of other beetles,big or small.

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It is a divergent boundary.