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Ultrasound tech yearly salary?

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I was curious about the going rate for Ultrasound techs. On line it says between 45-50 per year. But some one told me $42/hr.

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How much does an ultrasound tech make in Oklahoma?

An ultrasound technician in Oklahoma makes an average yearly salary of $21,000. A technician's salary can vary depending on location and experience.

What is the starting salary for a ultrasound tech?


How much money does an Ultrasound tech make yearly in Florida?


What is the average salary of a vascular or general ultrasound tech in Trinidad and Tobago?


How much does an ultrasound tech get paid?

The Average annual salary of Ultrasound techs is about $64,380. You can between 16 and 45 dollars an hour.

What is the average yearly MRI tech salary?

The average yearly salary for an M.R.I. technician in the United States is $65,915. This will of course vary by specific area and your experience level.

What is the average annual salary of an EKG technician?

The minimum hourly and yearly Ekg Tech Salary is $9.73/hour and $20,431/year and the overtimes ... The average salary paid to this tech is $24,000 annually.

How much does an ultrasound tech make in a year?

It depends every state has a different salary but the average salary is between $50,000-$80,000.

How much does a vascular ultrasound tech make?

I think its band 4 on the nhs salary range.

How much money does an Ultrasound tech make yearly?

I make about 75-85,000 a year and I havn't sat for exams yet.

What is the average ultrasound technician salary?

There is a slight increase in salary for the ultrasound technician, and also the hours will be much better. Sometimes money isn't the only deciding factor, follow your heart and go for it.

how do i find about ultrasound tech practical or clinical course?

how do i find about ultrasound tech clinical course

Who makes more x-ray tech or ultrasound tech?

Who make more money x-ray or ultrasound tech?

How long does it take to be an ultrasound tech?

it take up to 8 to 9 months to become a ultrasound tech

Does a xray tech make more than a ultrasound tech?

No, Ultrasound is a specialty and requires more education than an x-ray tech.

How much does an emergency room tech earn in Los Angeles?

The average yearly salary for an emergency room tech in Los Angeles, California is $59,000. The national range is $20,194 to $38,858.

How much does school cost to be an ultrasound degree?

how much would it cost for school for a ultrasound tech

Can I take it online?

About Ultrasound Tech

How much does a vet tech make in a year in Dayton OH?

The average yearly salary for a veterinary technician in Dayton, Ohio is $31,000. The average annual salary for this position in Boston, MA is $36,000.

Does an x ray tech make more than an ultrasound tech?


What is the best ultrasound tech school to apply for?

The best ultrasound tech school to apply for is the online DeVry University. If you want to major in ultrasound, you could consider checking out Harvard and UBC.

How much schooling is needed for ultrasound tech Where in Austin, Tx. What kind of $ can be made doing this kind of work?

One option would be The Academy of Health Care Professions in Austin, TX. The average salary of a ultrasound technician is $51,000.

Is there chance of advancement as a ultrasound tech?


Do you need a licenses to be a ultrasound tech?


What is a Pharm tech salary for?

I think you may have confused Pharm tech salary with the dispensing or prescription fee. The Pharm tech salary is what the pharmacy technician earns from his employer.