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To download apps from the android market you must...

Have a Google account signed in and working

have a working internet connnection

have space on your phone

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Obviously, The best place to for android apps is android market place. The official platform to download every app of android but not those which were suspended because for violating rules. Many good apps were suspended from Android market just because of policy issues even people liked those apps a lot but still they did it. On the whole one can find more than 85% android apps on Android market place.

The best place to download the Clash of Clans game for Android is the Google Play Store.

Yes, Openoffice was designed specifically for tablet use. It runs on the Android OS but may need an additional download of a file converter from the Android market place.

Android market place (

Well it depends. For iphone or androin users best place is saavn music. Just download it from google play store (android market) or app store.

One can download a free Sky Sports guide from Sky's website. Another place to download a free Sky Sports guide is on your mobile phone's app store. This could be the Apple App Store for IOS devices and the Android Market for Android devices.

In order to get to the Android Market on you LG Optimus T you need to search for it. If you input 'Android Market' into the search option it will take you to the place that you wish to go. You can also access the menu option on the phone.

The principle behind the Android Market App payment system is similar to the system in place with the iTunes Store. You pay once for the App, and it is linked to your google account. You can re-download it as long as you are connected to your Google Account.

I don't think you can log out of the android market. There are some other things you may try: Backup all your data and factory reset, that case, you can assign your main google account which will be the one for your market. Here is a great website that can replace any market:

Skype is freely available from the skype homepage The iPhone app is also free, and available from the apple store The android app is also free, and available from the google market place

You are unable, starter furniture is un-tradeable

A full game download like downloading the cd or a market place game

from market place or you only confirm download and it begins automaticly

Android App market is full game apps and free version of almost every cool game is available on market place. Every one has a different standard of a 'Best Game' but still there are few games that are considered so addictive world wide like Air Flight Control, Duck Hunting, Angry Birds. Their their free versions and game addiction would temp you to play them again and again.

Yes, but these application packages may or may not be approved by Google in the first place. For one thing, you have to be careful when you side load any application package in Android. You can download from any site that provides links to direct packages (with extension .apk).

sign in to xbox live and download it from the game market place. its under the catergory game add on.

One can download virus scans for Android tablets and mobile phones from app stores. Some good brands to try include AVG and Softonic but opinion is divided as to whether they are necessary if one only downloads from safe app stores in the first place.

Yes if you have Xbox live you can buy it from the market place.

download it from xbox live market place in exchange for Microsoft points

Opera mini software is specifically designed for mobile devices such as the Android. The best and safest place to get your download is of course directly from the Opera web site.

Go to the Xbox Live Market Place and download it. very simple.

You might be able to find a game store that sells a CD version that you can download, or if you have it for Xbox 360 you can buy the from the market place.

No. The itunes app is strictly for apple devices. However you can import your itunes music from your computer onto your Samsung Admire as an external device and play it through your Android music app of choice since Android is fine with .AAC files (itunes music format of choice). There are other itunes-similar apps for Android on the Market Place that you can check out. I know MetroPCS service offers "Rhapsody" to purchase and download music directly onto the phone. Hope this helps.

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