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Under the law assault means what?

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In tort law, an "assault" is an act which creates fear of an imminent battery, and "battery" is an unlawful touching (which would include hitting, punching, spitting, throwing a stone, etc.). In criminal law, however, "assault and battery" is a single offence.

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What is common assault under west Australian law?

what is common assault under west Australian law ? what is common assault under west Australian law ?

Is aggravate assault under the code of hammurabi's?

Assault is covered under Hammurabi code of law.

Under the law assault?

may be physical or verbal

Is 5th degree assault a statue in CA?

Yes it is. It is under Penal Code 269 Aggravated Sexual Assault on a child. This all falls under Jessica's Law

What happens if you are on probation for assault and you get arrested for stealing under 100?

Violating the law while on probation usually means you go to jail for at least 6 months.

Who responds to assault cases only under unrestricted reporting guidelines?

Law Enforcement

What is the difference between aggravated assault and criminal assault?

Aggravated assault is generally defined as a more serious, violent form of assault. Criminal assault refers to assault that is prosecuted under criminal, as opposed to civil, law. As such, there may or may not be overlap between an aggravated and criminal assault.

What are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for indecent assault?

The maximum sentence for indecent assault (sexual assault) is 20 years. This means that the sentence is at the digression of the judge, but by federal law it is not allowed to exceed 20 years.

What word means right under the law?


What section is assault in the criminal code of Canada?

Section 265 of the Criminal Code deals with assault. Under common law assault involved the apprehension of violence. This is not to be confused with battery which was actual physical contact with another individual. For example, when someone raises their hands in preparedness to strike, which you didn't consent to, and you believe they will, that would constitute assault. However under the Code assault has been broadened to include actual physical contact as well as the threat of contact, whether directly or indirectly. Note, a mistake in contact is not an assault. Assault is a hybrid crime under the Code meaning it can be a summary or a indictable offense.

How is fighting with someone a crime?

'Fighting' is known in the law as ASSAULT. "Assault" is a crime.

What is under penalty of law?

'Under penalty of law' means that if you're caught doing whatever they're warning you about, you will probably be arrested.

How do you have to press charges against someone for assault?

Report the assault to law enforcement, they will take it from there.

What does the words equal justice under law mean?

It means, that under our system of law, Every citizen is treated and judged fairly, regardless of who they are.

What is the word that means that everyone is treated the same under the law?


What is an assault?

An assault is a violent attack on someone, using physical means as blows.

What does an allegation of assault mean?

It usually means that you have committed, or believe to have committed assault.

What is indecent assault in Australia?

Indecent assault means physical molestation of a person.

What is equal protection of the law?

It means that everyone is viewed as "equal" before the law, and they all are afforded equal treatment under the law.

Do you have to touch someone for a assault?

No because there is verbal assualtAnother View: There is a common mis-conception that someone who verbally abuses you is committing an "assault." But the only "assault" under the law is the unlawful touching kind or the threat of imminent physical harm. Curse and abuse, as untaseteful as it may be, does not constitute an assualt.

Is there a law against a assault against a teacher?


What is a juvenile?

it means you've done something against the law when your under 18

What is the word that means everyone is treated the same under the law?

The word is... equality.

Assault or assault and battery what it mean?

'Assault' (sometimes called "simple assault" is an assault by unwanted touching using your hands or fists. 'Assault and Battery' means an unwanted touching using your hands using some striking object.

Is assault on a law enforcement officer a felony?

In most states and cities assault on a officer is automatically considered a felony.