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When your body grows, your muscle cells reproduce. Also when you are hurt or something your body will try to fix the wound and reproduce more muscle cells

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Fermentation in muscle cells produces?

Fermentation in muscle cells produces lactic acid. This happens when you have overworked your muscles, which can happen during exercise.

Why di muscle cells have many mitochondria?

Muscle requires a lot of ATP , mitochondria produces ATP

Why are mitosis and meiosis different?

Because mitosis is the splitting of two cells that are not sex cells, nerve cells, or muscle cells and meiosis is the splitting of sex cells. Meiosis produces four cells, but mitosis produces two cells.

How do muscle cells use energy?

Since the mitochondria produces energy and the muscle cells are part of the mitochondria, they use the energy so they can move the joints.

What are some differences between epithelial cells and muscle cells?

One difference between epithelial cells and muscle cells is their location in the human body. Epithelial cells are skin cells on the outside of the body. Muscle cells are located in the muscle under the skin.

What produces the striations of a skeletal muscle cells?

Skeletal muscle is one of the three types of muscle and it is a structure of a striated muscle tissue. The muscle is made up of myocytes or muscle fibers.

Are muscle cells Prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Eukaryotic. Muscle cells are part of animals, and Animalia is a kingdom under the domain Eukarya.

In muscle cells fermentation produces?

During exercise and movement muscle cells begin to undergo fermentation. During fermentation lactic acid is produced causing sore muscles.

Does fat form above or under the muscle?

You have both intramuscular fat cells and fat cells that occur outside the muscle tissue. Fat can and does form where ever there are fat cells present. So fat can form both above and under muscle tissue.

What type of cell division produces new body cells?

Mitosis creates body cells - bone, muscle, blood, etc.

Where are the gametes produced in men and women?

yes they are because it is meiosis and not mitosis. Meiosis produces body cells (muscle, body, etc.) and Meosis produces gamete Or sex cells (egg and sperm)

Does cardiac muscle have cells?

Cardiac muscle cells are muscle cells.

Does smooth muscle have long cylindrical cells?

No it i under involuntary control.

How are retina cells and muscle cells able to function differently?

The have differentiated so that each only produces certain kinds of proteins.The types of proteins a cell produces determines its function. From structure comes function.

Why do cardiac muscle cells have more than one nucleus?

Cardiac muscle cells only have one nucleus. Under a microscope, cardiac muscle cells appear to have more than one nucleus due to the resulting fusion of two or more uninuclear cells

Underneath the cells of the epidermis are cells?

Oddly worded question. Is the question supposed to read: What are the cells under the epidermis called? if so then the answer is that the cells under the epidermis are the dermis cells (connective tissue cells that connect the epithelium to the muscle)

Are muscle cells branched?

no muscle cells are not branched

What kind of cell is the cardiac muscle tissue made of?

Cardiac muscle is made of cardiac muscle cells. Cardiac muscle is under the control of the autonomous nervous system and is not susceptible to fatigue

How do muscle cells use fat cells when they burn?

Muscle cells don't use fat cells when they are burned. An increase in muscle can raise the metabolism causing the muscle cells to burn off the fat cells in storage.

How is the multinucleate condition of skeletal muscle cell explained?

They are multinucleated because during embryonic development, each skeletal muscle fiber arises from the fusion of myoblasts, which is how they form multinucleated muscle cells.

Which muscle cells commonly branch?

The muscle cells which commonly branch are the cardiac muscle cells. The other muscles do not have any branched cells.

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