Ur girlfriend has been sexually abused by 2 men and u found out that one of the men was the guy who lives with her aunt She has been to therapy but no one else knows about the 2nd man what shld u do?

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Be there for her. This might be very hard for you to understand at first, but if she trusted you enough to tell you, than this should be something that will make your relationship stronger in the end, not tear it part. Some guys dont know how to take this information, because it is a big deal, and they'll distance themselves. All she needs is someone who understnds. If you love her, try to be this man.
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If your husband is a somatic narcissist and has been unfaithful with many women and men how does this relate to his sexual abuse as a child?

Answer . A person who has been sexually abused as a child doesn't even realize the damage has already occured mentally. Either the child will keep this abuse a secret or if the family should find out it is kept secret. Either way the child usually never wins and is never sent for psychological tr ( Full Answer )

Why do women who were sexually abused by their fathers not understand about commitment and when they get a man that is caring why do they still have sex with other men?

Answer . \nMy personal thoughts would be because the abused woman in question associates that bad behavior with masculinity or a "fatherly" figure. Especially if the abuse was going on during the sensitive developmental stages of her youth. She may possibly be desensitised to sex in the persona ( Full Answer )

How do you pick between 2 men you love when your husband is deployed but you have met someone else in the military and your husband knows about him but the other guy doesn't know you're married?

Answer . When someone you love is deployed I can understand how lonely it gets, but it's no reason to use this as an excuse to find someone else. Your husband needs your support more than ever and remember, he's lonely and scared too! This is truly a test to see just how much you mean to each ( Full Answer )

How do men who have been sexually abused feel when getting a DRE exam?

Well, because that's an uncomfortable precursor to touch in that area it will remind the individual of the experience. Most people men and women getting a rectal exam are tense and on guard because of the privacy of the issue. It is not uncommon to have stimulation because of the sensitivity in the ( Full Answer )

Abusive men who impregnate their girlfriends for control?

Really? Are you KIDDING? There's simply no excuse for any woman getting pregnant if she doesn't want to be. Pick any of the numerous pills. Don't like pills? There's a shot that lasts 3 months. There are IUDs. Any of the above could be had without him ever knowing. Though much l ( Full Answer )

Do men ever leave when there is no-one else?

Most certainly. Men don't always leave because there is someone else although I suppose it's easier to believe that then believing they just don't want to be with us.

Why do women who've been in abusive relationships themselves choose to be friends with abusive men?

This sounds like sour grapes about people who have been caught in abusive relationships--like it is their choice. Of course, no one specifically seeks out someone who is abusive. Actually, so many of the abusive mates are very charming and attractive (make you laugh, have fun, offer nice courtesi ( Full Answer )

Can men get help been abuse as child?

Help is available for all victims of Child Abuse. For more information on Male victims of child abuse see above related link.

What scripture or verse has when 2 men were praying and one of the men was talking bad about the other man and God answered the other man's prayer?

I think you are referring to the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. It is found in Luke's gospel:. Lk 18:9-14 He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and despised others: 10 "Two men went up into the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the ( Full Answer )

What if u like a boy a lot u might even love him but u guys have been friends 4 as long as 2nd grade what do u do 2 tell him that u want 2 further ur friendship but u dont want 2 look stupid doing it.?

\n. \nWow, that's deep. I found myself in the exact same position last year when i was in 7th grade. All you can do is say what you want to say. That's all you can do. Just come out and say it.\n. \n. \nA: we guys dont really mind depends on who he is im 12 year old just remember if you breakup y ( Full Answer )

What differences are there for men who have one testicle as compared to a normal man?

Men with only one testical are just as fucntional sexually as other men. The major difference is the appearance - although a prostetic peice can be inserted for looks - and the ability to produce sperm. Men with only one testical have a greatly reduced sperm count and may find it difficult to have a ( Full Answer )

How can someone know if a man is sexually attracted to other men?

Homosexual men show their attraction to men in the same way that heterosexual women show their attraction to women. If they are young and/or inexperienced, they may become flustered and uncomfortable when talking to a male they find attractive. The more obvious signs are if they flirt with other men ( Full Answer )

How can I tell how many men my girlfriend has been with?

Ask her? That's pretty much the only way to get an answer. The only other thing I could suggest would be to ask her friends or just snoop any of her "friend network" sites and see who she talked to in the past. ^DISCLAIMER: I don't recommend the latter of the two options because they you can ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you are a 12 yr old girl ur bf wants to break up w someone u like one of ur friends that friend likes someone else u have never gone out and ur bf now likes the person u like?

Sorry about the grammar, there wasn't enough room. . "What do you do if you are a 12 year old girl, your best friend wants to break up with someone, you like one of your friends, that friend likes someone else, you have never gone out with anyone, and your best friend now likes the person you like ( Full Answer )

How can a woman know whether or not men view her as 'hookup material' or 'relationship material' and What makes the guy decide whether or not a woman is one or the other?

It's all a respect thing. There are ways to flirt and attract without coming off as easy. First of all, be yourself and have your opinions. If you are the type to agree with someone strictly to fabricate a common bond they will see through it soon enough and you will be perceived as a person who tri ( Full Answer )

Why are girls who have been sexually abused seemingly drawn to men?

Most girls who are sexually abused are drawn to men because they are afraid of what other girls will think and also how they will judge them and blame them and most men will not... also girls like to watch men make mistakes and by beign around them it is easier ti see them.

How do you know if girlfriend was sexually abused by stepfather?

She may tell you herself , once you are very friendly with her. If she has already told you, and you are not sure if you believe her, give her the benefit of the doubt and encourage her to confide in a school counselor, nurse, or other person of authority.

How do you know if you have been sexually abused?

Contrary to common legend, most people who have actually been abused have memories of it. The "repressed memory" idea has largely been discredited as false "memories" brought about by poorly-thought out questioning. If you have concerns about vague memories when you were a child, etc., be sure to ( Full Answer )

Do abusive men know their abusive?

We cannot speak for all abusive men, but we assume that most of them know that they are abusers. Abusive men tend to come from abusive homes, and the behavior may seem normal to them. Others may feel that such behavior is their right. Most of them know the law, but when rage strikes, the law often d ( Full Answer )

Shld u or shld u not forgive ur fiance who was disrespectful to u bc you didn't want to show urself on d webcam nude when he apologizes eg. he said he will go on d internet n look at big buddies?

You should forgive and forget what your fiance said because it's obvious that he misses and loves you. He apologized since he knew he was very wrong for hurting you and because he was trying to use a manipulative tatic to try to persuade you into revealing your nudity. You should also forgive him if ( Full Answer )

How do i locate a man that sexually abused me when i was younger if i never told any one about the abuse?

talk to somebody does not need family or friends but maybe people in the same cases. I found the rapist of my girlfriend because she knew his name... I found him on Facebook and google. Now litle by litle we I'm getting more and more information about this guy at a point where i found another g ( Full Answer )

Celebrities who have been sexually abused?

Many celebrities have been sexually abused. A partial list... Oprah Winfrey Monique Terri Hatcher Tyler Perry Queen Latifah Tatum O'Neal McKenzie Phillips Fantasia Barrino Axl Rose Drew Carey Tyler Perry

Why did Jesus say after healing the 2 blind men See that no one knows it?

Excuse me to the person who first answered this question, but yes, Jesus did in fact say that to the blind men. From what I have heard and come to understand, the reason (or at least one of the reasons) that Jesus told the healed men to "see that no one knows about this" (Matthew 9:30) was because H ( Full Answer )

If you were hanging out with this guy uve been talking to and he said to u b4 u left now got to go home to ur ex which u live with would he be mad if he knew u were with me y would he ask that?

this question was hard to understand, heres what i picked up on... * your current boy friend asked you "would your Ex be mad if he knew we were going out?" * He'd probably ask you that because hes worried that it might not be completely over between you and your Ex cause your still living with hi ( Full Answer )

If you feel like ur bothering a guy when he told u ur not so u sent him a email telling him ur not texting him no more because it seems he dont want 2 talk 2 you know he read it but no response back y?

it sounds like hes playin games, he might hav a really good explanation but i doubt it, or he may not have the heart to tell u. if i was u i wouldn't even text him sayin ur not txtin him agen, if he really likes u then he will txt or email u, if u havnt heard nothin in a couple of weeks then u no ho ( Full Answer )

What if u find out the reason the guy u like hasn't asked u out is because hes worried u are going to cheat on him even though he knows ur not that kind of person. -hes been cheated on twice recently?

He's been cheated on twice? Doesnt that give you a clue? Think about it, if you dated three guys. One of them cheats on you with your BEST friend, the second one cheats on you with someone else, and the third one breaks up with you (he may not have had three but it helps with the explanation). Right ( Full Answer )

Why do women seek out abusive men What makes a man be abusive?

What makes a man abusive is that they hurt you on purpose. Most reasons they do this in the first place is because they are small tempered and if you anger them you won't be happy. As for the women seeking i don't think that has ever happened. In most cases you can't tell if a man is abusive by ( Full Answer )

Why do women seek out abusive men and what makes a man abusive?

Many times, women don't "seek out" abusive men necessarily, but women are often attracted to "bad" boys, and that is just the way it is, no reason for it. And of course those bad boys could end of being highly abusive. Men are abusive when they control everything in a their parter's life. There is p ( Full Answer )

Wat dos it mean wen u have been having constant stares in the eyes with a guy in ur class and one time wen u guys were standing u see him looking at u with a smile hands in his pocket tilting his body?

i had the same thing happen to to me we were friends for two years and that was the way he acted around me all the time and in the second year he came up to me and said i was beautiful and that he liked me the best way to find out if he likes you is to ask him yourself

Can a guy who's been sexually abused become gay?

A common misconception about homosexuality is that it is possible for a heterosexual person to be 'made' homosexual' by certain events. Recent research has shown that the physiology of the brain of a homosexual male is more similar to a heterosexual woman than to a hetero man. The same is true of ho ( Full Answer )

How does a guy know when a girl has been sexually active?

(Mustn't tell horrible jokes from high school, mustn't tell horrible jokes from high school...) If she tells him. There's no sure-fire way for a guy to know a girl has been sexually active ... for example, the hymen may be broken, absent, or unnoticeable for reasons unrelated to sexual activity.

Why would man bring his best friend's wife to his house at 2 am answer the door with his shirt unbuttoned and tell his girlfriend no one else is there?

No one knows the definitive answer to your question. You need to analyze the situation. He is being dishonest with his girlfriend, probably being unfaithful with his best friend's wife and his girlfriend should accept the reality of the situation and move on. No one knows the definitive answer to y ( Full Answer )