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There was one soldier in the Army who received the Navy cross during the Vietnam conflict. His name is COL (retired) Kenneth Ledford Jr. In Vietnam, he was a First Lieutenant, and he was a medevac, or "dust off" pilot. After retiring from The military, he became a teacher, and an instructor for the JROTC program. I was fortunate enough to have him as a JROTC instructor while I was a student at Pontiac Central High School. - SGT Christopher Ramos, US Army.

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Q: Us army navy cross winner in Vietnam?
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Is there a list of navy cross winners from the Vietnam war?

Check the website for the Navy Cross. I have seen a book called "Navy Cross,Vietnam", but I dont know how you would find a copy.

Is there a list of Vietnam navy cross recipients?


What are all the organizations for the Vietnam war?

All branches of the US military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard); Army, Navy, Air Force of Australia; Army of New Zealand; Army of S. Korea; all branches of the military for S. Vietnam; Army elements from Thailand, Philippines. Verses all branches (Army, Navy, and Air Force) of N. Vietnam.

How many people were awarded the Navy Distinguished Flying Cross in Vietnam?


What were the jobs in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

ARVN=Army Republic of South Vietnam (or the South Viet Air Force, Marines, or Navy).

Do you have to be in the army to get the Victoria cross?

No. Servicemen and women in the Navy and the Air Force are also eligible for the Victoria Cross.

What is the Atlantis Navy?

My future Army that will cross the burmuda triangle and discover atlantis!

What was a draft in the Vietnam war?

In the Vietnam war the Americans were drafted into the army, navy and air force, while the others were peace cops .

Which team has won more Army-Navy football games since 1970?

The winner of the most Army vs. Navy football games since 1970 is the Navy. They are 26-14-1 against the Army since then, with the tie being in 1981. The Navy has won the last 12 straight games against Army.

Who was Temple francis prahar navy cross winner?

Francis Temple was a novelist that passed away in 1995.

What type of military does Vietnam have?

1. Army 2. Navy 3. Air Force Same as they had when they were called North Vietnam during the war.

How are the Iraq and Vietnam war different?

The US was bombing North Vietnam, and the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and US Air Force was in mutual combat with the North Vietnamese Army, Navy, and Air Force. The US is NOT bombing Iraq (as an enemy), and is NOT trying to destroy the Iraqi Army, Air Force, or Navy. Said another way: The US was at war with North Vietnam; the US is NOT at war with Iraq.

Artists after the Vietnam war?

Some websites: Vietnam War Combat Art, US Army Combat Art, USMC Combat Art, US Navy...the Vietnam Experience.

What schooling did women go through before Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, in the US military, women were part of the WAC's (Women's Army Corps) in the US Army. The US Navy had the WAVE's.

What part did Australia play in the Vietnam War?

Between 1962 and 1972 about 50,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War. This included men from the Army, Navy and Airforce.

Who where the opponents in the Vietnam war?

US/Allies verses North Vietnamese Army/Air Force/Navy and VC.

What is the motto of Republic of Vietnam Navy?

Republic of Vietnam Navy's motto is 'Our Country - The Ocean'.

When was Navy Cross created?

Navy Cross was created in 1919.

Which end is Army and which is Navy on an Army-Navy retractor?

There is really no reference to which end is which on an Army-Navy retractor. Perhaps the "deep" end is Navy, and the short end is Army.

Vietnam War Nurses?

US mililtary women in WWII, Korea and Vietnam wars were part of the Women's Army Corps (WACs) in the army and WAVES in the navy. All were disbanded when the equal opportunity military was created in 1975.

How did south Vietnam fight in the Vietnam war?

Just like the US. The Republic of South Vietnam had an Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps (supplied and trained by the US). The ONLY difference was the South did NOT use their Air Force to fight over the skies of North Vietnam. The Southern AF only supported their ground units in South Vietnam.They fought the north. South Vietnam had: an Air Force; Marine Corps, Navy, and Army.

Was John McCain in the Army?

McCain was a naval pilot who Flew US Navy A-4 Skyhawk jet fighter bombers over North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

What was south Vietnam's role in the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam was a primary combatant with an Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps; all modeled upon the US forces...since they were using US equipment.

What is Republic of Vietnam Navy's motto?

The motto of Republic of Vietnam Navy is 'Tổ Quốc-Đại Dương'.

How can I receive a Vietnam Commemorative Medal?

Army & Navy Stores no luck. Order on line with Medals of America. they seem to carry most of them.