Use replete in a sentence

Updated: 11/7/2022
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a speech replete with sentimentality

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Q: Use replete in a sentence
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What is a sentence with the word replete in it?

The subject is still replete with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Simple sentence of replete?

The refrigerator was replete with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sentence with the word replete?

The earth is near replete of natural crude oil which will replete the cars on roads which will replete the happiness of selfish pigs like Dick Cheney.

What is a sentence for the word replete?

The fabulous buffet was replete with every treat I could have wanted. His uniform, replete with medals, was ready for the award presentation.

What is a sentence using the word replete?

The buffet was fabulous, it was replete with every treat I could have wanted.

How can you use replete in a sentence?

Since the last time we went to the grocery store, which was 2 weeks ago, our stores of food have become very repleted, and it is necessary to get more. Hope that helps! No - the word you should have used above is 'depleted', not 'repleted'! 'My cat was curled up on the bed, smiling smugly and replete with cream and chicken.' 'Fish (fly-replete, in depth of June ... )' (Rupert Brooke)

How can you use replete in sentence?

It was a classic Christmas dinner, replete with all the traditional trimmings and side dishes.Her term paper was replete with spelling and factual errors.Her parents were replete with worry when she didn't come home last night, but it turned out she had just slept over at a friend's house and forgotten to call home.It wasn't until I saw dozens and dozens of little black specks floating on the surface of the boiling water that I realized the pasta was replete with weevils.Replete with turtle food, the turtle crawled up on her floating dock to bask under her UV heat lamp.The child was replete with wonder at the colossal dinosaur skeletons at the museum.

A sentence with replete with context clues?

Despite the dire circumstances, she remained stoic and resolute, her unwavering focus on finding a solution evident in the determined set of her jaw and the intense gleam in her eyes.

How can commemorate be used in a sentence?

Let us commemorate "", for providing a forum for questions and answers, replete with spelling and grammar errors galore.

What is the definition of the word replete?

Replete means full, sated or well satisfied. It is perhaps most often used in the context of food: one might be said to be replete after eating a good meal.

What is the definition of replete?


What is a bear's favorite state?

Replete and hibernating.