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Valentine's Day kiss day hug day rose day?

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what are you trying to say here

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When is rose day and kiss day?

Rose Day=February 12 Kiss Day=February 13

What flower is associated with valentines day?

A rose is typically associated with Valentine's Day.

Is today kiss day or hug day?

If you are referring to February 13th, it would be considered Kiss Day according to the Valentines Week traditions.

What is a good thing to get your girlfriend?

A simple red rose with a sweet kiss on the lips and a beautiful necklace around the neck under the moonlight for valentines day.

Is there school on valentines day?

there is no school on valentines day

What flower is most commonly symbolic of valentines day?

The Red Rose, Pink Rose, and White Rose, are some of the most commonly symbolic flowers of Valentine's day (The Red Rose is the most common)

What happens during Valentine's Day?

When you have a Valentine for Valentines Day , you will start dating them on that day (Valentines Day)

Valentine day kiss day hug day rose day?

7 Feb Rose Day 8 Feb Propose Day 9 Feb Chocolate Day 10 Feb Teddy Day 11 Feb Promise Day 12 Feb Kiss Day 13 Feb Hug Day 14 Feb VALENTINE'S DAY.

What happened on February 14 1997?

Valentines Day! love ya Valentines Day! love ya Valentines Day! love ya

How is valentines celbrated?

Valentines day is a day of love! People cerebrate it and they give each other cards and lovey dovey stuff. Like me to u teddy bears and Roses and Romantic music. Most love songs come out on valentines day. If u have anyone u love give them a rose or somfin on valentines day1

When should ask a girl to be your valentine?

on valentines day, and give her something nice, like a rose^_^

Did Taylor Lautner kiss Taylor Swift?

they are not dating but yesthey have kissed for a movie called Valentines Day.

What is the most popular valentines day gift?

Chocolate in heart shapes !long with the traditional red rose.

What day is v day?

valentines day is February the 14th

What are the list of all the days celebrated in February?

mportant Romantic Days List February Month 20137 Feb Rose Day8 Feb Propose Day9 Feb Chocolate Day10 Feb Teddy Day11 Feb Promise Day12 Feb Kiss Day13 Feb Hug Day14 Feb Valentines dayEnjoy All the Romantic Days

Why is there a valentines day?

Because of st. valentines. that and it's just a great idea. i was born on valentines day and love it so much

Who invented valentines day?

Valentines day wasn't invented actually it was a person. He was a person who gave love to the world and this is the day we celebrate it.

What films come out on Valentine's Day 2011?

well it came out in February on the 18th because it was called valentines day and it came out 3 day after valentines day

What do you do with your boyfriend?

You can do tons of things. Only do things that he wants to do and that's appropriate. Maybe once a day give him a hug or a kiss. On Valentines Day, maybe give him a passionate kiss or watch a movie. There are millions of things you can do.

When is valantines day?

Valentines day is February the 14th. Great day :)

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