Value of a Lefever shotgun

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"Uncle Dan" Lefever started making shotguns in Syracuse, NY, in 1885. In 1916 the company was sold to Ithaca, but the Lefever product line was continued until 1948. Approximately 72,000 guns were produced before the Ithaca takeover, so yours should be one of the last "real" Lefevers. I don't know how "fairly good shape" translates to an NRA condition, but if it is fully functional, may have minor parts replaced or repaired, and has 80% or the original finish on all wood and metal parts, it would be NRA Good. The Blue Book value for a DS grade in 80% condition is $850. There is a 50% premium for the 16 gauge and you can add another 10% if it has a single selective trigger.

I have been collecting Lefevers and DM Lefevers for 30 years- If you would like some fair and honest advise I am more than happy to any questions or give you an honest appriasal of your Lefever shotgun- weather it is a Nichols Lefever, Barber Lefever, Dangerfield Lefever, Ellis Lefever, or Lefever Arms Company, or the DM Lefever's feel free to give me a call at 419-450-2454 Paul
or email me at Ohio
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Q: Value of a Lefever shotgun
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Value of Lefever Nitro special shotgun?

The average cost of a Lefever Nitro Special shotgun at auction is $650. This amount may be higher or lower depending on the condition of the gun.

What is the value of a lefever excelsior shotgun?

Depending on condition and wether or not it has shell ejectors the value would be betwenn $500-$2600.

If you have a Lefever 124xxx 12 ga 28 in shotgun but do not see a name on the shotgun did Ithaca not put names on guns?

If it doesn't say Lefever somewhere on the gun, I don't think you have a Lefever.

What's the value on Lefever Arms 12gauge double barrel shotgun serial 29365?

Requires professional appraisal.

What is the age and value of a Lefever shotgun serial 36164?

You've got too many numbers there.

How do you find the age of a Lefever shotgun?

In order to determine the age of Lefever shotgun, the serial number must be known. However, Lefever shotguns were only made and distributed between 1885-1916.

How old is a lefever nitro special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun ser 279929 and approx value?

The best that I can do is say that the Lefever Nitro special was made from 1921-1948.

What is the value of a Lefever Arms 10 gauge shotgun serial 21618?

Not enough information. What grade? What condition?

What would be the value of a Lefever Arms Co. 16 g serial number 222XXX Shotgun?

You need the services of an appraiser

Lefever Arms company shotgun It's a Lefever Nitro Special The Seriaa number is 141098 how old is it?

Your shotgun was manufactured in 1923, by Ithica Guns which took over the Lefever brand when they acquired the corporation in 1916.

Value of Nitro Special shotgun?

If its a lefever nitro special, on the auction sites they,re bringing from 300.00 to 550.00 depending on condition.

What is the value of a lefever 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with serial 69718 that has the Damascus twist steel barrel?

around $6000

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