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Various approaches to the study of organisational behavior?

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Organizational studies, organizational behavior, and

organizational approach is the systematic study and careful

application of knowledge about how people - as individuals and as

groups - act within organizations. Organizational Behavior

Approaches Organizational behavior, as we have been showing in the

previous articles, relates to the relationship between employees

and the employers in an organization. Both are working towards the

realization of the goals and objectives of any organization, and a

close and fruitful coordination between the two is one of the major

factors towards this realization. Organizational behavior

approaches are a result of the research done by experts in this

field. These experts studied and attempted to quantify research

done about actions and reactions of employees, with regard to their

work environments. It is a field that has begun developing only

recently and new approaches and results are being expounded

everyday, as more and more data comes to the forefront. There are

various aspects of these theories, since each one deals with

complex human behavior. The most important ones are the approaches

about motivation. All of them are aimed towards motivating the

members of the organization into optimizing their performance and

thereby resulting in better and more improved performances. The

more popular theories in this field are: Alderfer's approach of

motivation Herzberg's approach Expectancy approach Maslow's

approach In the field of Leadership, the most commonly followed

theories are Houses Path-Goal approach and McGregor's approach X

and approach Y. As we begin to understand the importance of leaders

and their role in an organization, the study of leadership theories

assumes greater importance. Selecting a good leader is possible

only if you understand the qualities and the strategies that a good

leader needs to adopt. Another approach that is being studied in

greater depth is the communication approach. Since organizational

behavior is concerned mainly with interpersonal relationships,

communication or the lack of it, is being studied in great depth.

Effective communication has become an influential tool in the

overall running of any organization. Group theories are also an

important component of any organizational behavior study. The

dynamics of group behavior and of the formation and cohesiveness of

any group need to be understood and implemented well, in order to

achieve a harmonious working environment. It is a complex series of

equations and analysis that leads to the formation of any theories,

and each approach normally has many variable factors which are a

part of its basis. Hence, it is important to realize that these

theories are a necessary part of any study of organizational

behavior, but that they are fluid and will change as new research

comes up.

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