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Velocity is a vector quantity, which means that a body's speed and direction are both required to define it. They are different because: Speed is the rate of change of distance with time

but velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time.

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Q: Velocity differs from speed in that velocity indicates?
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Explain how velocity differs from speed?

Speed is the magnitude of velocity (which has a direction as well).

How does velocity differ from speed?

Velocity indicates direction in addition to speed.

What indicates both speed and direction?


Can a body have zero velocity and still acceleration?

No. A velocity indicates a speed and direction. An acceleration is a change in speed or direction.

Can a particle with constant speed be accelerating what if it has constant velocity?

Velocity is speed together with its direction.Acceleration indicates a change in velocity ... speed or direction or both.Change of direction means acceleration, even if speed is constant.Constant velocity means constant speed and direction ... zero acceleration.

Are velocity and speed the same?

Speed and velocity are similar in terms of the rate at which an object is moving, commonly expressed in terms such as miles per hour (mph) or feet per second (fps). Velocity differs from speed because velocity also deals with direction, specifically with respect to a point of origin.

Velocity and speed?

Velocity is how fast and what direction. The formula for this is distance over time, indicating the direction. (North East, South or West.) Speed is how fast something is moving. Speed is like velocity except velocity indicates direction. The formula is distance divided by time. Hope that helps. :)

What is speed in a given direction is called?

Speed in a given direction is velocity.

Does a car has speedometer velocity are both?

A car has a speedometer. When you read the speed that it indicates, and you know the direction in which you're driving, then you know the car's velocity.

What is the biggest difference between speed and velocity?

velocity is speed with direction; velocity is a vector and speed is a scalar

What is speed in a given direction?

Speed in a given direction is called velocity.

Is Speed different from Velocity?

velocity is speed in a direction

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