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If your out of work because of this injury and your collecting comp. money because of this injury, NO you cannot go to work at a different company and continue to collect. This is fraud. You are claiming this injury does not let you perform your job and are getting compensation for it. So how can you perform the same job and still collect and get a paycheck. Think about it. The claim pays you for lost wages because of the injury and you should have a stated amount of time for your claim, to either get it medically fixed or prove it can be fixed. Comp. doesnt last forever. Call the claims office and ask them anonimously, they should be able to answer you. Workmen's Compensation is just that: Compensation. Period. The acceptance of a new job, whether with the same employer or not, does not eliminate the injury for which you are being compensated. If there remains some doubt as to whether your claim was valid or not in the first place, and the duties of the job you are accepting include the type of movement normally prevented by your injury, then your acceptance of that job may place your credibility in somewhat of a shadow if your injury has not had time to heal or the new employer has not been made aware of your limitations. The idea is that you cannot be "well" for the purpose of gaining new employment while being "injured" for the purpose of collecting insurance payments, all else being equal. If things are NOT equal all the way around (which is usually the case), there should be no problem. If your claim has not been settled with your current employer, the claws may come out against you once your new job offer is found out, as it will tend to lend credence to the supposition that your injury has not impeded you in your work efforts to the degree that compensation is required as a result. If an award has already been decided upon, and is in the process of physically making its way to you, then any decion-making has already been done by the concerned parties. If your claim was decided favorably in short order after the incidence of your injury, and you were found playing Basketball two days later, then you'd have something to be concerned about. If you got hurt in a warehouse while unloading trucks and got an office job using a computer afterward, one thing would have nothing to do with the other.

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How to find out if you have a pension from a previous employer?

It was from the Rouse company? no it was western electric company

If you have taken your forklift test at a previous job and no loger work there how do you get your certification?

Do you remember what company tested you? You can get a copy of your certificate from them. If not, call your previous employer and ask for it.

Why did you leave your previous employment?

During a job interview when you are asked why you left your previous employment, never bash your former employer or the company. Be tactful when you give your answer.

How did you handle your challenging experience in your previous job?

The employer wants to know how you have handled previous challenging experiences. They want to know how you will handle things at their company.

Who is the employer on a job application?

In most cases, the employer is the company you currently work for. It can also be previous jobs you have been associated with. Some job applications may ask for the manager of said company, this way they know who to contact to inquire about your work.

What company is the biggest employer in Chicago IL?

The company that is currently listed, by a number of different independent reviews and articles, that is the biggest employer in Chicago, Illinois are Chicago Public Schools.

Why you did not get a job in your previous company?

If it is your "previous company" then you did have a job there. It cannot be your previous company if you never worked there.

How would your previous employer describe you?

it depends on what is your status on their company. and as a human being, you also know it as well. so start making a life.

If my employer withhold my disability benefit I am entitled to is that discrimination?

No. There is no possible method in which your employer can withhold this. The Government is the governing body for disability insurance. They issue checks for disability. If you are trying to get a workmens compensation claim, the company is not the issuing body either. The company has an insurance company that would pay these claims and again, the administering body is the Government. The employer is only responsible to pay you for when you are working. Compensation claims go through your state.

Can an employer in New York refuse to verify employment of a former employee?

Yes, they can. But the best way to handle this is for the previous employer to accurately state the exact dates of employment only. This is, unfortunately, the only defense a previous employer has against a defamation lawsuit in the event any false or even inaccurate information is disseminated by the employer. Many larger companies are actually paying outsourced agencies to handle this issue due to increased defamation lawsuits. Even though many states have specific laws allowing candid, explanatory and useful information about a previous employee to be used, if truthful, those laws do NOT protect the previous employer from a defamation lawsuit initiation by the former employee at any time, whether it is a plausible lawsuit or not. The best thing you can do as an individual is to procure a letter of reference from you previous employer prior to your departure from that job. Then, the next employer has only to verify that the reference is valid from the previous employer. As an employer myself, I can tell you that a complete information refusal from a previous employer throws out a big red flag about the applicant, so if you've done bad at your last job, you might want to specify arguable issues and the nature of the problem you had with the employer on your application. If the previous employer was a smaller company, I would also be concerned about verification of just dates employed, as this indicates an unwillingness to go into detail about the applicant, another big red flag.

Should a previous employer give out dates employee worked for company?

Most employers will provide that information (and pretty much only that information) about former employees.

What info does an employer find out about previous jobs?

A potential employer may ask one of your former employers questions about your work habits, your punctuality, your honesty, your work ethics, your personality. All things that will help them determine if you are suitable for their company.

What can we the new company offer that your previous company cannot offer?

What can we (the new company) offer that your previous company cannot offer?

Are you entitled to a worker's comp settlement without suing your company to make up for lost wages and pain and suffering?

If you are injured on the job then you are entitled to workers comp regardless if you sue. You cannot sue the employer for an injury unless it is negligance. You can sue a third party though.

Who is entitled fot cost to company on a certian company?


If you have Medicare and Blue Cross which is primary provider?

In most cases, Medicare is primary. Some of the most common situations where Medicare can pay secondary are: -The individual or his/her spouse is currently employed/working and covered under an employer group health plan as a result of current employment. The company has 20 or more employees or participates in a multiple-employer or multi-employer group health plan where at least one employer has 20 or more employees. -Individual in question is entitled to Medicare as a result of a disability, the company has 100 or more employees, or participates in a multi-employer/multiple-employer group health plan where one employer has 100 or more employees. -The individual in question is Medicare entitled due to end-stage renal disease. Medicare is the secondary payer to a group health plan until a 30-month coordination period has ended.

What are previous employers allowed to say to other employers inquiring about you and can they reveal that you've been fired if you live in California?

Generally, previous employers are only allowed to share basic information to potential employers. This includes length of time with the company, salary paid, and if the previous employer would rehire the candidate. It is illegal for previous employers to say anything negative that will prevent the candidate from obtaining future employment with another company.

Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

No. The Employer must notify you.

What does the workers comp insurance company need from the employer?

The workers comp insurance company requires the employer to insure all the employees.

How do you deal with job interview if you had a negative feedback on your previous job?

I believe it is illegal for your previous employer to give you a negative recommendation. They are allowed only to confirm that you worked there, and what date you were hired and what date you left.The reason for this is it is too easy for your old company to make trouble for you for personal reasons - a negative recommendation may have no basis in fact.The future company should only use your references for recommendations.However, even though it is illegal, it is easy for your previous employer to informally give a negative comment over the phone, and there is probably nothing you can do about it.So if you think your previous company is going to give you a bad word, and it is undeserved, you will have to tell the interview company first that the person they will be talking to from the old company had personal issues with you and not to expect a positive recommendation, and that they need to talk to other people to get a better picture of you.

How do you write a comment about an employee using you for a reference?

I have included different comments - from different points of view... (As a previous employer) - Mr Smith was employed by me for ten years. During this time, he was always methodical and accurate in his work. An asset to the company. (As an aquaintance) - I have known David Smith for five years, and consider him trustworthy, polite and helpful.

Describe how you view as an employer?

An employer is the person or company that you work for. It is your responsibility as an employee to represent your employer by doing a good job.

How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?

Answering "How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?"

Which company is Italy's biggest employer?


What company is Italy's largest employer?


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