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WHere do the 2 other wires from a Chevy 3 wire internaly regulated alternator go to ben know's the main one comes from the starter but where do the harnessed ones goto on a 77 Chevy 350?


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May 02, 2014 5:09PM

I'm a licensed mechanic and own a starter & alternator rebuilding company . The main terminal can go directly to the battery as well as the the red (right hand wire plug facing away from you) the other wire generally white is your voltage sensing wire (excites the field circuit to start charging). Originally would be hooked up to the light in the dash as well on most models their would be a resistor hooked up in parallel as a failsafe in case the light failed.If the vehicle does not have the harness wired in you could run the sensing wire to a light that you would mount to the dash run one wire 16gauge from the alternator to the light , then from the light to a fuse in the panel where theres power only in the run position. Or run the wire from the ign switch through the light to the alternator . But overall the easiest fix would be to go to your local alternator rebuilder and have him install a self exciting regulator . Then you only need the main battery wire run to the battery.

Don't if you haven't already ground this circuit as suggested in the above answer, if you do you will burn out the alternator and probably your wiring aswell.