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Was Adolf Hitler's father involved in the War?

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Was Adolf Hitlers wife pregnant during the war?


What was Adolf Hitlers significant acts after the war?

He committed suicide just before the war ended.

What is Hitlers first name?


What was adolf hitlers title in Germany during world war two?

Der Fuhrer

What was Adolf hitlers title?

He became the Fuhrer, or leader of Germany during World War 2.

What was Adolf Hitlers role in world war 2?

He was the leader of Germany and Supreme Commander of the German army.

What war involved the holocaust and Adolf Hitler?

World War 2

When did adolf hitlers goals change?

The moment he knew he lost the war and decided to commit suicide with his "girlfriend" and dog.

What was Adolf Hitler's childhood like during both the wars?

Adolf Hitlers childhood was very sad. because world war 2 was going on and he was just a kid.

Did anyone witness Adolf Hitler's marriage?

yes: It is reliably reported by people who survived the war, Hitlers secretaries for example

Who said war is father of all things?

adolf hitler

What was hitlers job in ww1?

Adolf Hitla wasn't alive in world war 1. he was in world war 2 as a german military officer and he was the leader of the country.

What was hitlers style of warfare which means lighting war?

Lightning war as described by ADOLF HITLER means to strike the enemy as fast as it could before the ENEMY retaliates.

How many years was Adolf Hitler involved in world war 2?


What are some key individuals involved in world war 2?

Adolf Hitler, Stallengrad.

That hitlers childhood could have effected why he was so cruel and mean?

Yes because his father was wanting him to go into a school training for war and hitlers father was very strict it has been throughout the hardships of his young life that,he had nobody to teach him well..

What were the effects of World War 2 in Europe on the United States?

it was effected by adolf hitlers actions and his fallowers the looked up to him and did every mean they could it was one of the wota

Did the German army control moscow?

Germany never conquered Moscow in the second world war. In fact this was Adolf Hitlers big mistake in the war , because he tried to invade the U.S.S.R in the cold winter and so lost the war.

Hitlers role at the end of World War 2?

Hitlers role at the end of the war? HA. He killed himself.

What was hitlers position in the war?

As Adolf Hitler was a very good speaker he convinced, Italy and Japan to come to his side but he made one major mistake , . He invaded Russia in the bitter cold , and the war went against him from then on.

How was hitlers treatment of the Jews in world war 2?

how was hitlers treatment of the Jews

What is Adolf hitlers job?

It really depends, do you mean before of after he joined the army? Hitler was a messenger during the war but before I'm not quite sure Hope that helps =D

What political party was Adolf Hitler involved in following World War 1?

The Nazi party, which he joined in 1919.

What is the reason Adolf Hitler involved in world war 2?

He wanted more land and resouces like oil

Was Adolf Hitler a good human?

The horror of Hitlers dictatorship stands alone in the annals of human cruelty. Under the cover of World War ll he was responsible for 30 million deaths