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Yes, Bob Dylan has been arrested.

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Was Bob Dylan ever a women?

No, Bob Dylan was never a woman.

Dylan 1973 did Bob Dylan ever record mr bojangles?

Yes, Bob Dylan recorded Mr Bojangles in 1973 on his record/LP DYLAN (Columbia Records)

What are the 10 best Bob Dylan albums?

Bob Dylan-Bob DylanBob Dylan-The Freewheelin' Bob DylanBob Dylan-The Times They Are-A Changin'Bob Dylan-Bringing It All Back HomeBob Dylan-Highway 61 RevisitedBob Dylan-Blonde on BlondeBob Dylan-Blood On The TracksBob Dylan-DesireBob Dylan-John Wesley HardingBob Dylan-Another Side of Bob DylanThe above is alright but in my opinion I find 'Shot Of Love' The best one

Has Ani Difranco ever met Bob Dylan?

I saw Ani Difranco open for Bob Dylan in 1997 so since they were touring together I assume they met.

Is Bob Dylan the greatest songwriter ever?

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

What was bob Dylan known for?

Bob Dylan was known for his music and singing

Where bob Dylan lives?

Bob Dylan was born in Duluth Minnesota.

When is Bob Dylan born?

Bob Dylan was born on May 24,1941.

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