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Yes. the Germans attacked Halifax and lost.

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Was there ever a military attack on the US mainland?

Yes, by the British from Canada in 1812. Also, in 1916, the guerrilla general Pancho Villa attacked the US from Mexico, and the US was attacked by Japanese balloon bombs during World War 2, but the War of 1812 was the largest military attack on the US mainland.

Has Canada ever been in the World Cup?

Canada have never reached the World Cup.

Did Alaska get attacked by the Japanese in World War 2?

Nope, Not ever

Has Canada ever won the FIFA World cup?

No Canada have never won the world cup.

Has Canada ever hosted the world cup?


Has Canada ever been in a World Cup?

Yes Canada was in the world cup for the first time in 1986.

Did Romania ever fight America?

Yes, during the WW 2 USA attacked Romania.

Has Canada ever won the world cup in soccer?

No, Canada has never won it.

Did the US ever attack Canada?

They never attacked the country Canada, but when the revolutionary war broke out the Americans did battle British navy in the great lakes, but did not really land battle the British in Canada when Canada was owned by the British.

Did Canada ever hosted the world cup?

Neither Canada nor the U. S. have hosted the world cup.

Did Canada ever won World Cup soccer?

No, they have not.

Have Canada ever hosted the rugby world cup?


Did Germany invade Canada in world war 2?

Germany did not invade Canada, ever.

How many times have Canada won the Rugby World Cup?

I doubt if Canada have won it ever.

Has the FIFA World Cup ever been held in Canada?


Was the mainland US ever attacked during World War 2?

No, not directly it wasn't. There was no invasion or anything like that. I think there was something about balloon delivered bombing from submarines, or something like that in California.

Has the US ever received foreign aid?

yes, during world war 1 and 2 from Canada and now from lots of counteries because of a earthquake in haiti

Why did the Germans attack Vietnam in World War 2?

I don't believe Germany ever attacked Vietnam.

What happened as the loyalists left to Canada during the American revolutionary war?

they lived happily ever after in Canada, Britain, or Bahamas.

Has Canada ever hosted the FIFA World Cup?

No they have not hosted it yet.

Can orangutans ever attacked?


Ahs the world ever been attacked by aliens?

Yes whenever Jorden's mom breaths and/or looks in the mirrior

Was the Leeds castle ever been attacked?

Yes, the last time it was attacked was in 1321

Is Canada the biggest country ever?

No, Russia is the biggest country in the world (1/6 of the world to be exact)

Has there ever been a pope from Canada?

No. Pope Francis was the first pope from the New World. There has never been a pope from Canada.