Was Finland involved with world war 2?

Yes. Before Germany attacked Russia, Hitler and Stalin were partners for two years. This was the time after Germany and Russia signed a "non-aggression pact", to clear the way to invade Poland, which both did in September 1939. The Soviet Union then attacked Finland, in what was called the "Winter War". The Finns had an excellent General in Field Marshal Mannerheim, and gave the Russians two black eyes and a bloody nose, with their tiny little army, skiing around and going on snowshoes too. Some think the extremely poor Soviet showing in this war against tiny Finland emboldened Hitler to go ahead and invade Russia. Finland and Russia had a long history - Finland used to be part of the Russian Empire, and they were not congenial neighbors. So, when Germany attacked the Soviet Union, Finland became Germany's ally and fought the Russians too. Nobody much held it against the Finns, except the Russians.