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George Washington received his education in Virginia but never went on to attend college. He apparently was a good student and very skilled at math.

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How did George Washington Carver become such a good student at his black school?

George Carver became such a good student at his black school because when his classmates had recess he studied instead.

What is a good trait for George Washington?

George Washington was a good leader and he was cautious.

What is a good George Washington acrostic poem?

A good George Washington poem has giant ants and how he invented pineapples. He also farted. That is a good george Washington peom

How did marriage to Martha change George Washington?

The marriage changed George from an ordinary planter to a substantially wealthy landowner. This would be a good answer speacialy if your a treca student and looking for this answer online. good luck.

Is George Washington considered good evil or both?

three friends of george washington

Did George Washington got a girlfriand?

No George Washington didn't got a girlfriend because he was married and George Washington would not cheat.George Washington is a good man.Hope it help you

How many slave children did George Washington have?

This is a really good question. I am a descendent of George Washington.

What was George Washington relationship status?

george washington relationships was good between the native american

What was George Washington good at?

He was good at painting butterflies

Who set off the first general student strike in US history?

George Washington

Is Martha Washington a scientist?

No. She was not a student of science. She was a homemaker, hostess , and ran the plantation when George was not there.

Was George Washington a good horseman?


Was george washington good at school?


What was George Washington presidents life?


Was George Washington a good citizen?

yes he was

Was George Washington a good adult?


What did George Washington whant?

a good edgication

First black student to be admitted to Simpson College in Indainola Iowa?

George Washington Carver

Was Washington a good president?

George Washington was indeed a good president for the United States of America. George Washington was not only the first president but the people wanted to elect him for three consecutive terms.

What is a good quality exhibited George Washington?


How does George Washington promote the general welfare?

he was good

What did George Washington give to us?

Good weed

George Washington what will be a good topic sentence for his life?

George Washington's Childhood and Youth

What is a good title for a report on the early life of George Washington?

George Washington's Youth

What did the George Washington Carver do for George Washington?

Nothing. George Washington Carver was born after George Washington had died.

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