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You bet!! It was a slave state so It was fighting for the south. Pretty much all the states were involved in the Civil War.

This is a whole list of battles just fought in Georgia:

Battle of Adairsville

Battle of Allatoona

Battle of Atlanta

Battle of Brown's Mill

Battle of Buck Head Creek

Battle of Chickamauga

Battle of Dallas

Battle of Dalton I

Battle of Dalton II

Battle of Davis' Cross Roads

Battle of Ezra Church

Battle of Fort McAllister (1863)

Battle of Fort McAllister (1864)

Battle of Fort Pulaski

Battle of Griswoldville

Battle of Jonesborough

Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Battle of Kolb's Farm

Battle of Lovejoy's Station

Battle of Marietta

Battle of New Hope Church

Battle of Peachtree Creek

Battle of Pickett's Mill

Battle of Resaca

Battle of Ringgold Gap

Battle of Rocky Face Ridge

Battle of Utoy Creek

Battle of Waynesboro

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Q: Was Georgia part of the Civil War?
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