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Was Hitler's body ever found?

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After the Russians took control of Berlin and the bunker Hitler had been staying in they found a couple of burnt in the courtyard of the bunker. Dental records supposedly confirmed that one body was Hitlers but it was never known for sure. For years the Russians claimed they got rid of what was left of it but it is now know that they kept Hitlers bones long after the war was over. Records after the fall of the Soviet Union confirmed that they did indeed hold on to Hitlers body but its unknown now where the bones are.

AnswerHitler's body and that of Eva Braun his long-term mistress whom he had married the day before, were partially burned with petrol and buried shortly thereafter in the Chancellory garden.

When Russian forces his mouth and pulled the trigger. His top officers wrapped the Fuhrer's body in a Swastika flag, and preformed a honorary cremation. Shortly after, the Russians busted through the door, and killed most the Nazi Commanders before they could grab a hold of their Sturmengehwers. The charred remains of the two were boxed up and sent into Moscow. There lies the ashes of Adolf Hitler. The Russians fail to admit the fact they're hiding it, because it's their trophy. If they mention him, an uprising will start sending through the message "You have no right to just keep his body!" So. in the meantime, Russia will undoubtly deny such a conspiracy.

ACTUALLY.... There was a documentary in 2008, The Russians allowed some American scientists to do a DNA test on the skull fragment . The results showed that the skull frag was that of a woman not a man showin that Eva brown 's skull was what the rusians had not Hitlers. And, It was never confirmed about his dental records because it was not him. They honestly don't know where his body is or where it went. There was however a two seater plane that left Berlin the night before the Russians broke thru. The pilot said that she was alone in the plane but who knows the truth. And his commanders did not all get killed after their leader the Furor died they didnt know what to do gerbles killed himself and his wife adn she poisoned her children from bein raped by Russian soldiers. So to answer the question no they don't know what happened to hitlers body after WW2

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Where was hitlers body found?

There is some controversy among historians as to whether or not Hitler's body was ever actually found. There was a lot of confusion and chaos, and there were rumors that the body found at the bunker was not that of the madman, and that the Russians stole the remains.

Was Hitlers children body found?

Hitler had no children.

Was Hitlers body found after he committed suicide?

No, it never was found. Many believe that the Russians took the body or that there was in fact no body at all and Hitler lived on.

Did hitlers body get found?

yes it was found by the Russians when they invaded, Hitler killed himself as they were moving in on the bunker hes was hiding in him and his wife killed themself

Have they ever found the body of Leslie howard?

No, the Leslie Howard's body was never found.

Was Adolf Hitler's body ever recovered?

No, his body was never found.

Was Jimmy Hoffa's body ever found?

So far, Jimmy Hoffa's body has not been found.

What was the role of the Soviet Union in World War 2?

it was at war with the Axis - Germany and her allies. The Russians were first into the bunker where hitlers body was found.

Was Michael Jackson's body ever found?

Michael's body was never missing.

Is Hitlers body frozen?

No, Hitler had his body burned by his personal bodyguard after he killed himself.

Was Princess Anastasia's body ever found?

her body was discovered a few years after the other body's when the two bodies were found

Did they ever find adolf hitlers body?

Yes. It was disinterred and cremated by the USSR about 30 years after they buried it. His ashes were then scattered in the Elbe River. And so ends his legacy.

Was Tupac's body ever found?

No chance he died the body was recovered you guys are all stupid

Was Eva brawn ever pregnant with hitlers baby?

Never so reported...............

Was hitlers death positively identified?

Hitler's death was never properly identified due to the lack of a body although they found burnt remnents of what was thaught to be his and his wifes body's

Did they ever find amelia earhart's body?

No. They have never found a trace.

Did Hitler hide?

probably because no one ever found his body

Where is his body?

Hitlers body was cremeted in a pit outside of what is now apartments in berlin, ontop of the Berlin bunker.

Did Hitlers wife burn Hitler body?

No, Eva Braun & Hitler died together. Their bodies were burned by Hitler's driver to keep the bodies from being found & displayed by the Soviets.

Why does hitlers dead body not look like him?

The pictures of Hitler's corpse are fake.

Was Alexander the Great's body ever found?

No, the location of Alexander the Great's tomb, and therefore his body, is still unknown.

What were Hitlers body guards called?

The Wafen-SS was Hitler's personal bodyguard regiment.

Was Anne Frank's body ever found?

Yes, it was found in a cell... she died of starvation and her father was only survior of the Frank's.

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