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No, Hitler didn't have much to do with starting World War 1, Word War 2 is another matter though.


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No. Several events were responsible for the outbreak of World War II, including World War I. Hitler was involved, but the blame can't be placed on him.

No - Hitler was blamed for starting the war.

Germany (Hitler) when they invaded Poland.

Hitler, Hitler, Hitler. Hitler was responsible for everything counting on the holaucaust (if you spell it like that), the war and as a leader for the nazi party he was to obey that he would be responsible for the war and advancing it into victory.

Hitler and Germany was entirely responsible for the start of World War 2 when Hitler invaded Poland.

Adolf Hitler.Germany, japan and Italy

Hitler is responsible for starting World War 2 by invading Poland and violating the Versaiiles Treaty.

Yes, Hitler had everything to do with WW2 as he was responsible for WW2 taking place.

Hitler always blamed Jewish-Bolshevism for everything.

He was responsible for the Holocaust and World War II, and he was a dictator of the Nazi's.

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany during the Second World War. He started the war by invading Poland in 1939. He is also responsible for the genocide of the Jews.

Hitler is notorius for being responsible for beginning world war two and orchestrating the holocaust among other attrocities and crimes.

No, he wanted WW2 to take place and he was responsible for it taking place.

Hitler (well Germany) invaded Poland. Brtain and France then declared war on Germany unless Germany got out of Poland when they didn't World War II started.

Hitler did not start World War 1.

Hitler was a partial cause of World War II, not World War I.

He was the cause of the second World War, and was responsible for the death of millions of people on both sides.

hitler did fight in world war 1yes

Hitler did not start world war 1.

Hitler was responsible for the death and suffering of a lot more than 9000 people, more like millions of people. Some of that included about 6 million Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust, mainly because Hitler believed Jews to be sub-human and responsible for Germany's loss in World War 1. Furthermore, Hitler was also responsible for World War 2 and that cost millions more their lives.

he was a harsh general and dictator who was set out to murder all Jews

He had ordered his forces to invade Poland, this was the main cause of WW2

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