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Yes, when Mansa Musa became the tenth mansa, he brought with him the culture of Islam (he was Muslim)

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What was ancient mali religion?


What are the religions of ancient Mali?

Da Islam and other languages! Da Islam and other languages!

How did Islam turn Mali into a center of learinig?

Islam was such a powerful religion to the people of Mali , so people began learing about Islam in Mali.

What types of art existed in ancient Mali?

The Ancient Mali are was very religion based and spiritual. The art they created was a big part of the Mali culture we know about today. They created instruments, sculptures, houses, and simple toys.

What African country where the ancient city of timbuktu florished as a center of Muslim learning and culture?


Who is the Minister of Culture for Mali?

Bruno Maiga is the Minister of Culture for Mali.

What did the spread of Islam in Ghana and mali result from?

Islam spread in Mali and Ghana by the Arab Muslim traders.

What effect did Islam have on Mali?

Mmany of the Mali people accepted Islam and put Islamic way of life into practice.

How did mali ancient civilization organized?

ancient mali was organized because they had armies

Where was ancient Mali located in Africa?

Generally the same as modern day Mali, though ancient Mali was connected to the coast.

What religion did mansa musa make as the official religion of ancient mali?

Answer: IslamThe state officially declares a particular religion as theirs.

Why did Islam spread fairly easily in Mali?

Islam spread fairly easily in Mali, as the people practiced Islam with their traditional religions. Islam first reached West Africa through trade.

What food did Ancient Mali eat?

The ancient Mali eat lots of fish and rice

What customs or traditions do mali have?


What is the predominant religion in Mali?


What is the official religion of Mali?


How did Islam effect government in mali?

The government agreed the practice of Islam.

When did the Mali empire convert to Islam?

Mali converted to Islam when Mansa Musa came into power, but this was mainly because of merchants and the fact that Musa made Islam the national religion.

When was the height of ancient Mali?

Ancient Mali reached its height around the begining of the 14th century.

What did ancient mali trade?

ancient mali traded Gold, Iron ore, Salt, and Fish

What is the religion worshiped at the mosque of Mali?


What was the famous city in ancient Mali?

Timbuktu was a city in ancient Mali and the Songhai Empire that was a place of learning.

What Is Islam's culture?

Islam have no culture, it's free from culture. Men have brought culture into Islam and not God.

What religion did the Mali Empire have?

The religion of the Mali Empire was a type of non-traditional Sunni Islam.

How did Islam influence the society in Mali?

It helped create more trade and made Mali richer

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