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John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States from 1961-1963 (he was assassinated). There is no partial president or president of just part of the US.

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What president signed the 23rd amendment?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy The president is not part of the amendment process. If Kennedy really did sign an amendment, it was merely a gesture and had no legal effect.

What high school did John F. Kennedy attend?

President John F. Kennedy ateended John F. Kennedy High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. The high school is a part of Montgomery County.

Were did John F. Kennedy go to school?

President John F. Kennedy went to high school at The Choate School. He attended college at Harvard College, which is part of Harvard University.

What part of Arlington cementary was John Kennedy buried?

President Kennedy is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, steps away from the entrance to Arlington House.

What was Mrs Kennedy reaching for on the back of the limousine when President Kennedy was shot?

According to the Secret Service Agent responsible for guarding Mrs. Kennedy, she was reaching for part of John F. Kennedy's skull.

Why was John F. Kennedy important?

Because, he was the president of the United States. He died while still in presidency. John F. Kennedy is an important part of history, and is well remembered today and always.

Did the mafia help John Kennedy become president?

Rumors have persisted the President John Kennedy was able to acquire the presidency based in part on Mafia influence. Allegations contend that Joseph Kennedy asked Kennedy friend, the singer/actor Frank Sinatra to approach mob boss, Sam Giancana for support in JFK's run for the presidency.

What groups was John F. Kennedy in?

John f. Kennedy was part of the democratic party.

Was John F. Kennedy part of the cold war?

J F K Was president during the cold war.

What was Rosemary Kennedy most famous for?

Rosemary Kennedy was most famous for being the sister of former president John F. Kennedy. She underwent a prefrontal lobotomy at 23 years old and was left part paralyzed.

What do historians believe about US President John F. Kennedy and executive secrecy?

For the most part, US President John F. Kennedy receives high marks from historians regarding government secrecy. There is a consensus among most US historians that Kennedy was the only president after WW 2 to show any interest in slowing down the secrecy machine. His successors and their administrations seemed to have thrived on secrecy.

Who spoke the famous words ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country?

At the inaugural address of President John F. Kennedy, in January of 1961, Kennedy made some remarks that were so brilliant that they remain with Americans to this very day. He said, in part " Do not ask what your country can do for you, but rather, what can you do for your country?" Ironically, President Kennedy ultimately gave his life for his country when he was assassinated in November of 1963.

Which president played touch football on the White House lawn?

John Kennedy and his family played a lot of touch football. I am not sure about the White House lawn part, but I know he played touch football while he was President.

What is the name of the book that John F. Kennedy wrote before his time as president?

"Profiles in Courage" was his award-winning book. It is not clear how much of a part he actually had in its writing.

Who is Puerto Rico president in 50yrs ago?

John F. Kennedy was the President of the US 50 years ago. Puerto Rico has been a part of the US since 1898. The Governor of Puerto Rico in 1961 was Luis Muñoz Marín

Where in Israel is there a monument to John F. Kennedy?

The Kennedy Memorial (known in Hebrew as Yad Kennedy) is situated near Moshav Aminadav, on one of the highest hills on the southwestern outskirts of Jerusalem. The memorial and the surrounding picnic area are both part of the John F. Kennedy Peace Forest.

How did President John F. Kennedy die?

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. He was shot and killed in Dallas, TX while riding with his wife Jackie in a motorcade.John Fitzgerald Kennedy was riding in an open-top limousine in a Dallas, TX, motorcade on November 22, 1963. Inside the limousine, Texas governor John Connally and his wife were in the front seat and John and Jacqueline Kennedy were sitting in the back seat. When they entered Dealey Plaza three shots rang out. The first shot (also known as the magic bullet) went through President Kennedy's neck and apparently struck Governor John Connally in the lower back and arm. The third shot struck President Kennedy in the head, blasting away part of his skull and brain. The President was then rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead after a priest administered the last rites.At the time of the shooting, Lee Harvey Oswald was believed to be Kennedy's assassin. This was the conclusion of the fact-finding Warren Commission. However, several theories regarding the people and circumstances surrounding President Kennedy's death have arisen over the years.

Who was the first president to have a party?

John Adams, he was part of the Federalist Party.

Why was john f. Kennedy's family important?

The Kennedy family is one of America's wealthiest families. They are so important because many members of the family have played a major part in American politics. John Kennedy served as US President from 1961 up until his assassination in 1963. Robert Kennedy was Attorney General under his brother's administration and also served as a New York senator. He was also assassinated while campaigning for president in 1968. Edward Kennedy served as a Massachusetts senator for nearly fifty years up until his death. Eunice Kennedy founded the Special Olympics. Patricia Kennedy is famous for marrying English actor/singer Peter Lawford. Not to mention, their father Joseph Kennedy was US Ambassador to Great Britain during the 1930s.

What part of New York City is John F. Kennedy Airport in?

JFK Airport is in the borough of Queens.

How did Forrest Gump meet John F. Kennedy?

He was part of a college football team that went to the championship.

What did President Kennedy take action to prevent the Soviet Union from?

Forcing West Berlin to become a part of East Germany.

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