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Was New York city ever called New Gotham?

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No - but it used to be called "New Amsterdam." Why they changed it, I just don't understand.

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Was Buffalo City ever the capital of New York?

Albany, New York was named the permanent capital city of New York in 1797. Buffalo never was the capital city of New York.

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Lowest temperature ever recorded in New York City?

-26 degrees Celsius or 15 degrees farheniet is still the lowest temperature ever to be recorded in New York City.

Was New York ever called York?

No, it was New Amsterdam until it was renamed New York by the British.

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What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in New York City?

The record cold temperature for New York City was -52 Fahrenheit on February 18th, 1979.

Were there ever six New York City boroughs?

No. New York City consisted mostly of just Manhattan until the five boroughs were incorporated in 1898.

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