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Richard I (Richard the Lionheart)

Was Richard the lionheart a hero?



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Richard the lionheart was heroic in the way he treated his mother, as Richard was the favourite son. Richards father had been unfaithful to his wife and often had affairs. Richard stood up against Henry in regards of his other. Richard supported most of his family in military and personal terms. But he especially liked his youngest sister. Richard had been very forgiving as he forgave his brother John for taking over England, which was very generous. Many sources say that Richard maay have been homosexual, if so then this leads to show that Richard was in fact not as faithful to his wife as assumed.

Richard was feared and admired by many allies and enemies, including duke Leopold and Saladin. Richard's bravery in battle was astounding although behind the scenes, Richard had a hot temper which often led to stupid mistakes, Revenge and anger. As in the flag incident, Richard himself threw the flag off the battlements, as he said that 'the flag of a mere duke is not worthy to fly with that of a kings'. This is just one result of his anger and hot temper, but he can also be swallowed by pride, as when he refused medical services while wounded at his last battle, a siege in France. But one of his greatest feats of forgiveness was while he was dying, he asked the man who had shot him why? The man responded saying that Richard killed his brothers and Parents, Hearing this Richard forgave the man and died.

Although Richard could be brave and admirable at times some of his deeds, and acts of anger show him to be the man who he really is. Not that of a hero.