What famous people had the name Richard?

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Richard The Lionheart.
Richard Dreyfuss.
Little Richard.
Richard Nixon.
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Which famous people have the name Sara?

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, actress . SARAH MCLACHLAN, musician . SARAH JESSICA PARKER, actress . SARAH BRIGHTMAN, musician . SARAH FERGUSON, Duchess of York . SARAH HUGHES, figure skater . SARAH MUTCH, fashion model . SARAH PALIN, Alaska Governor, Presidential candidate . SARAH POLK, ( Full Answer )

Famous people named Charlie?

Charlie Bucket is one that I can think of.... Charlie Bucket is one that I can think of.... . charlie sheen . charlie brown . charile chaplin . charlie parker . charlie wilson . Lindsay lohan . jessica simpson . Lady Gaga . Sara hernandez . sara keihn . ethan farwell . ch ( Full Answer )

What are some names of famous people?

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Kopernicus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Galileio Galilei, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Karl Marx, Henry VIII.

Who are famous people that have a name with the letter i?

Ivanhoe, is a person that comes to mind, during the middle ages he was a leader.. To get you started I will provide 7 names for you: Lee Iacocca, Janis Ian, Ice Cube, Ice-T, Billy Idol, Don Ismus, and Burl Ives.

Who are the famous people named Danny?

There are many famous people named Danny, but the most significant ones are: Dan Akroyd (actor) Daniel Boone (American pioneer) Daniel Radcliffe (Actor). Danny DeVito (Actor). Danny Elfman (Musician). Danny Bonadeuce (Actor). Dan Quale. Dan Rather . Danny Kaye (Comedian/Actor). Dan ( Full Answer )

Name famous people from Denmark.?

Hans Christiin Andersen Karen Blixen, author of "Out of Africa" Victor Borge who became an American Comedian/Pianist Niels Bohr Danish Physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project in the US during WWII, and increased our knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and atomic structure. Philosopher, Soren, ( Full Answer )

Name famous people from Denmark?

One of them is Den (i don't know if its a name ha ha) And the last one is Mark (and i know that that is a name ha ha)

Famous people names?

· Neil Armstrong (astronaut) · Lucille Ball (comic actress) · Johnny Cash (singer) · Dizzy Dean (baseball) · Albert Einstein (physicist) · Anne Frank (Holocaust victim) · Lou Gehrig (baseball) · Ernest Hemingway (author) · Allen Iverson (basketball)  ( Full Answer )

Who are famous people named kaitlyn?

There are currently no known famous people with the name Kaitlyn However, There are many with the original spelling, Caitlin

Famous peoples names?

A - First Name: · A. J. Foyt (racecar driver) · Abraham Lincoln (U.S. President) · Agatha Christie (author) · Al Davis (owner Oakland Raiders) · Al Jolson (entertainer) · Al Pacino (actor) · Alan Jackson (singer) · Albert Einstein (physicist) · Alexander ( Full Answer )

Famous black people names?

Hank Aaron, baseball HOF . Arthur Ashe, tennis champion . Maya Angelo, poet . Arthur Ashe, tennis pro . Debbie Allan, dancer, actress . John Amos, actor . Corbin Bleu, actor . Kobe Bryant, NBA star . James Brown, singer . LaVar Burton, actor . Lisa Bonet, actress . Chris Brown, actor, com ( Full Answer )

Names of famous people in Botswana?

Amantle Montsho-athelete Kaone Kario,Winner of Nokia Face of Africa Model Competition and now international model Angelo Lambrou-internationaly famous designer Emma Wareus,1st Princess at Miss World 2010 Mpule Kwelagobe, Miss Universe 1999

Famous people named Laura?

Laura Dern, actress . Laura Linney, actress . Laura Bush, former first lady . Laura Branigan, 80's pop star, her biggest hit was called "Gloria" . Dr. Laura Shlessinger, conservative radio talk show host . Laura Ingalls-Wilder . Laura Harris (actress, roles in Stephen King's "It" and TV series ( Full Answer )

Who are the famous people with three names?

Famous People with 3 names: . Sandra Day O'Connor, US Supreme Court Judge . John Paul Stevens, US Supreme Court Judge . Sonia Sotomayor, US Supreme Court Nominee . Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis . Andrew Lloyd Webber, writer of musicals, one = "Jesus Christ Superstar" . Tommy Lee Jones, actor . ( Full Answer )

Name famous black people?

Harriet Tubman, who invented the underground rail road to freedom, Martin Luther king junior, who spoke out against segregation, Rosa parks, who refused to get out of a white mans seat on the city bus, and the lunch in boys. they were a group of collage boys who refused to leave a diner until they w ( Full Answer )

Famous people named Jacob?

Jacob of the Bible (Old Testament) . Jacob Grimm: German linguist and writer . Jake Gyllenhaal: Actor, Jarhead, Brokeback Mountain, Donnie Darko . Jacob Miller, Musician . Jakob Christiansen: Shooting star in Danish American Football. . Jakob Nielsen: Web expert on usability. . Jacob Perkins, ( Full Answer )

Name famous Italian people?

There is much more to Italy than its incredible football team and out of this world cuisine. In fact when you take a look at the Italian personalities that have made it famous on a global scale you realize how much true talent the country has been breeding. Italy has an exhaustive list of famous peo ( Full Answer )

Names of Famous people 1970?

Jim Morrison Clint Eastwood James Brolin Valerie Bertenelie Bill Cosby David Cassedy Donny Osmen Micheal Jackson Charlie Sheen Freddie Mercury

What are names of famous fat people?

Fats Domino is a famous singer andpianist. He had many hit recordings including "Ain't That A Shame","Blueberry Hill", "I'm Walking" and "Whole Lot of Loving".

Is there famous people named Esmeralda?

no there are none recently but there are soon going to be and I know this because I am going to be in a movie soon coming out.

What was the famous people name?

Pete Sampras (tennis), Barry Sanders (football), Maria Sharapova (tennis), Emmitt Smith (football), Stan Smith (tennis), Sam Snead (golf), Sammy Sosa (baseball), Mark Spitz (Olympic swim champion), Bart Starr (football), Roger Staubach (football) and Lynn Swann (football) are famous athletes. Bob S ( Full Answer )

Famous people with the name earle?

Earle Bruce is the former head coachof the Ohio State University football team. He was inducted intothe College Football Hall Of Fame.

Which famous people have the same name?

Famous people with the same name: Roger Craig: MLB Manager or NFL RB Paul Hornung: NFL RB or Columbus Dispatch Sports Editor Mel Gray: NFL RB or NFL WR Adrian Peterson: Vikings RB or Bears RB Howard Stern: Radio Star or Former attorney for Anna Nicole Smith Michael Cofer: Lions LB or 49 ( Full Answer )

Why do they call people named Richard Dick?

I always thought it was a progression from "Richard" to "Rich" to "Rick" to "Dick." The real question is why do people choose to go by Dick rather than rich or rick? No one wants to be a Dick...

Famous people named Ryan?

Ryan O'Neal (actor) . Ryan White, one of America's first well-known aides victims, died young . Ryan Howard, MLB, National League MVP, 2006 . Ryan Sanberg, MLB, National League MVP, 1984 . Ryan Braun, MLB, National League Rookie of the Year, 2007 . Ryan Sheckler, Pro Skateboarder, youngest pers ( Full Answer )

Which Famous people have food in their names?

Laurence Fishburne, actor . L.L. Bean, clothing manufacturer . Arnold Schwarzenegger (food = egg) . Kevin Bacon, actor . Fiona Apple, singer, songwriter . Eve Plumb, actress, aka Jan Brady . Darryl Strawberry, major league baseball player (retired) . Halle Berry, actress . Christina Applegat ( Full Answer )

What are the names of famous people from America?

Billy Ray Cyrus Miley Cyrus Martha Stewart Oprah Winfrey Katy Perry Lady GaGa Jenifer Anisten Joe Jonas Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas Donald Trump Dwain Jonson Taylor Lawtner........ lots more... these are singers/actors.. and rich people!

What are all the famous peoples names?

Some famous people are: . Abraham Lincoln . Adolph Hitler . Alexander the Great . Confucius . Elvis Presley . The Emperor Constantine . Fidel Castro . Cleopatra . Gandhi . George Washington . King Henry VIII . Jesus Christ . John F. Kennedy . Joseph Stalin . Julius Cesar . Mao Tse ( Full Answer )

Famous people that have names that start with a?

· A. J. Foyt (racecar driver) · Aaron Rodgers (football) · Abraham Lincoln (U.S. President) · Adolph Rupp (basketball coach) Adam Lambert, American Idol, singer Adam Sandler, comedian · Agatha Christie (author) · Al Davis (owner Oakland Raiders) · Al Jolson (ente ( Full Answer )

What famous people have names that start with a A?

Adolf Hitler, Anthony Perkins, Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Aretha Franklin, Annette Funnicello, Angelina Joile, Aaliyah, Anthony (& Cleopatra), Angela Lansbury, Adam (& Eve), Angelica Houston, Andrew Carnegie, Andy Griffith, Chester A. Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith, Anne Rice, Ann Margaret, Albert Ei ( Full Answer )

Famous people with junior in name?

Harry Connick Jr., musician, singer . Robert Downey Jr., actor . Dale Earnhardt Jr., race car driver . Ken Griffy Jr., professional baseball player . Cuba Gooding Jr., actor . Al Gore Jr., former US VP . John F. Kennedy Jr. son of former president . Martin Luther King Jr. American civil right ( Full Answer )

Peoples names that start with you that are famous?

· Uljana Semjonova (Russian basketball player) · Ulysses S. Grant (U.S. President) · Upton Sinclair (author) · Ursula Andress (actress) · Bob Uecker (baseball, actor) · Undertaker (wrestler) · Carrie Underwood (singer) · Johnny Unites (football) · W ( Full Answer )

Names of famous people from Maine?

Bette Davis (actress) lived in Cape Elizabeth, Maine . John Ford (film director) born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine . Stephen King (author) born in Portland, Maine . Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (poet) born and raised in Portland, Maine

Who are the famous people and names?

· Neil Armstrong (astronaut) · Lucille Ball (comic actress) · Johnny Cash (singer) · Dizzy Dean (baseball) · Albert Einstein (physicist) · Anne Frank (Holocaust victim) · Lou Gehrig (baseball) · Ernest Hemingway (author) · Allen Iverson (basketball)  ( Full Answer )

Famous people with junior in their name?

There are many famous people in the world with the title "junior"in their name. Martin Luther King Junior is one of these icons.

Who are Famous people with the name Ford?

Gerald Ford, former US president . Betty Ford, former US first lady / addiction recovery clinic named for her . Harrison Ford, actor . Henry Ford, credited with inventing the automobile . Leta Ford, lead singer of the 80's rock band Scandal . Francis Ford Coppola, movie maker . Eileen Ford, fo ( Full Answer )

Who are famous people that have a name with the letter a?

· A. J. Foyt (racecar driver) · Aaron Rodgers (football) · Abraham Lincoln (U.S. President) · Adam Sandler (actor) · Adolph Rupp (basketball coach) · Agatha Christie (author) · Al Davis (owner Oakland Raiders) · Al Jolson (entertainer) · Al Kaline (baseb ( Full Answer )

Famous people named Beth?

There is a famous person named Bethany. She is no other than... Bethany Hamilton! Bethany Hamilton is a pro surfer form Kauai, Hawaii. She got her left arm bitten off by a 14 foot tiger shark on October 31, when she was thirteen. Bethany is still a pro surfer after the accident.

What famous people are named Bob?

53- Names Bob the Builder & Spongbob Bob Barker-- Gameshow Host Bob Carlisle-- singer/songwriter Bob Costas-- Sports Announcer Bob Denver-- GILLIGAN!! Bob Dole-- Senator Bob Dornan-- Politician Bob Dylan-- Famous Singer Bob Evans-- Founder of Bob Evans Restaurant Bob Eubanks-- Gameshow Host Bob Fens ( Full Answer )

Who are famous people named Rachel?

Rachel Ward, actress "The Thorn Birds" movie Rachel Maddow, CNN journalist Rachel McAdams, actress, "Sherlock Holmes" movie

What is all the famous peoples names?

The band members are charlie scene j-dog johnny 3 tears danny funny man and da kurlzz and past members are shady jeff and duece thank me and if wondering yes there all christians they don't sound like it but they are.

Who are famous people named Neil?

Neil Diamond, singer, songwriter Neil Young, singer Neil Patrick Harris, actor Neil Armstrong, American astronaut

What famous people have had the name Suzanne?

Several famous people were named Suzanne. Some of them are: Suzanne Collins (writer of the Hunger Games), singer Suzanne Vega and Suzanne Goldenberg (the Guardian reporter).

What famous people are named fabiola?

According to vital records, there are no famous people named Fabiola. It appears to be a pretty uncommon name in general, not very many people ever named it.