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One eye was blinded during a recreational boxing match while he was the President. The injury was kept secret from the public.

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How Franklin Delano Roosevelt get blind?

Franklin didn't get blind it was his cousin Theodore Roosevelt.

A president who was blind in one eye?

Theodore Roosevelt.

Struggles of Theodore Roosevelt?

sam helped him and he became blind

Was Theodore Roosevelt ever in the army?

i need to no

Did Theodore Roosevelt ever go to jail?


Did Theodore Roosevelt ever drive a car?

Yes. Theodore Roosevelt was the first U.S. President to drive an automobile.

Who was 26th president ever?

26. Theodore Roosevelt

What US president was blind in his left eye because he enjoyed boxing?

Theodore Roosevelt

What Is Theodore Roosevelt Parents Name?

The parents of Theodore Roosevelt were Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt.

Who was the youngest man to ever serve as president?

Theodore Roosevelt

Was Theodore Roosevelt ever defeated in his run for president?

Theodore Roosevelt was defeated as a candidate for President when he formed the Progressive's Bull Moose Party in 1912.

How do you spell Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt Sr death?

why Theodore roosevelt died? why Theodore roosevelt died?

Are Theodore Roosevelt Jr and Theodore Roosevelt the same person?

Not exactly. President Theodore Roosevelt was Theodore Roosevelt Jr. , until his father died in 1878. In 1871, he and his wife named a son, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr and he became Theodore Roosevelt,Sr.

Did Eleanor Roosevelt marry Theodore Roosevelt when Theodore was president?

No, Eleanor Roosevelt marred Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt niece.

What is Theodore Roosevelt real name?

Theodore Roosevelt.

Who is Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt was the president of the US from 1901 to 1909. His father was Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and one of his sons was Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

Why is Theodore Roosevelt named Theodore?

He was named for his father, Theodore Roosevelt, Sr.

What did Theodore Roosevelt start college?

its not what did Theodore roosevelt start college it should be when did Theodore roosevelt start college

What was Theodore Roosevelt full name?

Theodore Roosevelt's full name was...Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt shared an interest with what?

what was theodore roosevelt was interested in?

Was Theodore Roosevelt adopted?

No, he was the son of Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt.

Was Franklin Roosevelt president before Theodore?

No, Franklin Roosevelt was the president after Theodore Roosevelt.

Youngest man to ever hold the office of president of the US?

Theodore Roosevelt

Did Theodore Roosevelt ever use monopoly?

No, he never owned that kind of business.

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