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Two separate countries: South Vietnam was officially called RVN (Republic of South Vietnam). When US servicemen landed in country, they were greeted with "Welcome to the Republic of South Vietnam" (enjoy your stay).

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Most Historians like to use 1961 as the starting point for the war. The Vietnam War was NOT a civil war. A civil war is two armies from the same nation fighting itself. North Vietnam & South Vietnam were separate countries. They were never one country called Vietnam until 1975.

If you mean the US civil war, it was not fought between two countries. It was fought between the northern and southern states of the US.

VietnamIt was a civil war - North against south. AnswerIt was and it wasn't. It was about the north and south, like America's Civil war, but then in Vietnam the French and then the American's stepped in. What I think though is it was a Civil War until France and America joined in. The reason why the United States helped the French was because they did not want all of Vietnam to become communists. AnswerCIVIL WAR >Definition of CIVIL WAR (merriam webster): a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same countryIt was NOT a Civil War! It was between two completely different countries and two different Governments.The French were in Vietnam before WWII, after that war Vietnam was split into two separate countries. French Colonial South and the North. Ho Che Minh wanted to merge back into one country and the South did not want to. The North had China as it's main Allie the South had the USA and a few other countries.

The countries that controlled Vietnam were Japan and France.

Two nations (countries) (with their allies) were at war with each other in Vietnam. No nations are at war with Afghanistan.

A civil war is, by definition, NEVER fought between two countries. p.s. I don't think they used witches.

A civil war is between people who are part of the same country. A war, a true war, is between two or more countries.

The two communist countries in Asia are Vietnam and China.

The countries to west of Vietnam are Laos and to the southwest Cambodia. China borders at the north.

Vietnam and Laos. Vietnam and Laos. Vietnam and Laos. Vietnam and Laos.

Today, relations between the United States and Vietnam are positive. The two countries resumed normal diplomatic relations in 1995.

There was no "Vietnam Civil War." A civil war is a war in which ONE country is fighting against itself. N & S Vietnam were TWO separate countries from the very beginning (in 1954). They only became ONE country (one nation) when the North won the war in April of 1975. The normal starting date for the war, chosen by most historians, is the year 1961. Today, in the 21st century, if Vietnam fought amongst itself, it would be a civil war; as it is ONE nation.

The two countries are Cambodia and Laos.

A foreign war is fought between at least two separate countries. A civil war is fought between factions inside one nation.

Sudan and Chad are two countries in Africa that have been split by civil war between their Arab Islamic north and their Black traditional south.

The Vietnam War was NOT a civil war. A civil war is one country fighting itself. Vietnam was never one country (until 1975); it was two countries...a North and a South Vietnam. Both were created on or about 1954. The US Civil War was a civil war; the US was one country...then tried to divide, which over course didn't happen because they fought a war to stay together as one nation. The North won, the South lost...the country remained the country. If the South had won, then there would have been two countries.

There weren't any separate countries just two separate kinds of people with different views. There were actually three wars.

A civil war is one that is fought between two or more groups **within** a country. Ordinary wars are fought between two or more countries.cilvil war is when theyyyy faught !!!! ahahahahaha

they are not alike they are completely different; revolutionary: a war between two countries civil war: a war between one country againts itself

the division of Vietnam into two countries

They had a civil war between communist north and democratic south (backed by the US)

Just because it was a "North & South" war doesn't mean it was a Civil War. The definition of a "civil war" is one country fighting itself; like the American Civil War was, but is officially recorded as the "war of the rebellion" and/or "the war between the states." The Viet war was a war between two separate nations; North Vietnam vs the Republic of South Vietnam. They were never one nation until after 1975 when the north won the war. Even at birth in 1954/55 they were two separate nations.

It forced French troops to leave Vietnam and divided Vietnam into two countries. (A)

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