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Was any battles from the civil war fought in antioch?

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I reccommend that you go to you can just copy and paste the address to your URL bar (address bar).

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Were there any civil war battles fought in Alaska?

No, there were no battles fought in Alaska during the US Civil War.

Were there any civil war battles in Massachusetts?

No battles were fought in Massachusetts during the Civil War .

Are more civil war battles fought in California than any other state?

No Civil War battles of consecuence were fought in California.

Were there any Civil War battles fought in Illinois?


Where there any civil war battles fought in Minnesota?

no but the Sioux uprising of 1862 in Minnesota is considered part of the Civil war,and had several battles.

Where were most battles fought in during the civil war?

The state of Virginia had more battles on its' soil than any other state.

What are some Proper nouns for the civil war?

"Civil War" is a proper noun. So would be any of the names of the battles or the soldiers who fought in them.

Were there any civil war battles fought in Indiana?

Yes, only one. Corydon on July 9, 1863

Were there any Civil War battles fought in North Carolina?

Yes, Bentonville, right at the end. It was Joe Johnston's last throw.

Were there any famous battles fought in Oklahoma?


Was there any battles fought at Skibo Castle?


Did Samuel Adams fought in any battles?


Which English general surrendered in Norfolk?

wasn't aware that any general surrendered in Norfolk during the civil war, as no battles were fought in the county

Were any battles fought in Bulgaria?

not one, many battles were fought in Bulgarian soils. Check in Wikipedia under Bulgarian history

Which battles of civil war were fought on Union Territory?

Gettysburg was the only battle fought in Pennsylvania. And Antietam (Sharpsburg) was the only significant battle fought in Maryland. Every other battle of any consquence was in Southern territory.

Were there any battles fought in New Hampshire?


Were any battles or war fought in London UK during the American Revoution?

No, but events of the English Civil War, a century earlier, impacted London.

Where there any civil war battles in Connecticut?


Were there any Civil War battles in Washington?

No there were not.

Was there any Civil war battles in Ohio?


Where there any important battles fought in Massachusetts?

the American revolution

Any civil war battles in Maryland?


Were there any battles fought in Germany in World War 1?


Were there any wars or battles fought in Texas?

I know there was something about the Alamo

Did any battles in the civil war happen on water?