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Q: Was any violation committed against someone who was cuffed and detained 2 hours because the day he paid the tickets the judge was out of office and forgot to clear the tickets from the system?
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England entered the war against the central powers because of?

Germany's violation of belgian neutrality <<<>>>>

Why were Japanese Americans detained?

because they were crazy.

What is a sentence using the word detained?

"The teacher detained the student after school for detention."I was detained from going to school on time because my little sister would not let me sleep at night

Was the law that congress passed against sedition 1798 a violation of Americans' right to freedom of speech?

Ya because ya

Which World War 2 action was later determined to be a violation of civil liberties?

Put them in jail or contain them because it was against civil rights

Is getting arrested an automatic violation?

In Florida, YES. If by violation, you mean probation/parole violation. An arrest means probable existed and that is enough to violate your probation. Also receiving a Notice to Appear which is a criminal citation is also a violation. Any criminal traffic citations such as operating without valid drivers license or driving while suspended/revoked is also a violation. Every contact with the police has the potential to violate your probation because you might be violation of curfew, out of your county, associating with persons engaged in criminal activity, etc. No. Getting arrested simply means you are being detained and notified of possible charges filed against you. Once charges are filed by the local district attorney, you are advised of your rights, interrogated by police, given a bail hearing,(this determines whether or not you sit in jail until your court date), then your court date comes, if I remember correctly.

Was the Sedition Act of 1798 a violation of freedom of speech for Americans?

In some ways it could be considered a violation of the freedom of speech because it tried to curb republican criticism of government policy and stopped people from speaking disrespectfully against the government.

Is destruction of a mailbox a felony?

No, but it is against both federal and local law. Federal law because it is violation of the US Postal Regulations, and local because of the cost and expense to the owner of replacing the mailbox.

Does Matt hardy currently do drugs?

I think may be yes, because he has been detained.

Why must a jury be from the state or district in which a crime was committed?

Because you are being charged with a violation of yourstate's laws not some other state's laws, and you are being tried by a "jury of your peers."

Why are criminal cases titled in terms of the state against the defendant?

Because defendants in a criminal case have committed a crime not just against a specific victim or victims, but against the State/society in general.

Why did the red army fight against Germany in world war 2?

The Soviet Union fought against Germany primarily because Germany invaded the Soviet Union during Operation Barbarossa, which was in violation of their non-agression pact.

What is aggravated sodomy?

It is a sexual act that involves the mouth and anus. It is aggravated because it is committed by force against the victim.

Is it true that charges can not be dropped because the police filed on behalf of the victim It's been 4 months and victim no longer wishes to pursue anything or is this some lie?

If the victim filed an offense report with law enforcement reporting that a criminal act had been committed against them, the police and the legal system are obligated to pursue the matter. A violation of state criminal law is a violation against ALL citizens of the state, not just against one individual who may decide, at their whim, to prosecute or not. Whether the individual wishes to drop charges or not has no effect on whether the case will go forward or not, once they reported it, it is out of their hands.

How do you beat a restraining order violation?

Do not ask this type of question here, because it's not going to be answered! Each case is unique and there maybe some aspects of it which might allow you to have the charges dismissed in some way or another. But if the prosecution has a solid case against you, you cannot beat such a violation.

Why did he Benigno Aquino Jr. detained in prison?

because he love Martin so he put in Jail...

Why is it wrong to discriminate against someone because of their religion?

Religious discrimination along with all other forms of bigotry/prejudice/chauvinism is absolutely wrong because it constitutes a scornful violation of an individual's inalienable human/civil right.

Why King Charles 1 was executed?

Charles I was executed because for many reasons: He started the civil war He went against his own people and killed them He committed treason against his kingdom

Why Did lax salinas Leave TNA?

because of a porn violation

Can you be kicked out of the army for adultery?

Yes, you can because it is a violation of UCMJ.

Should it be hidden microphones in school?

no because its a violation of privacy

What is first violation in netball?

If an umpire calls "first violation" it means there was more than one violation that a team made. If a player first contacts another player then bats the ball out, the first violation would be contact because that is the first rule that was broken.

Can you go to jail for getting married before divorce is final in California?

It is certainly a possibility because you have committed bigamy and that is against the law.

Why does the state procecute crime and criminal offences on behalf of the victim?

Because that is the way the statutes are written. A crime committed against one person is a crime against ALL persons. The state's interest in prosecuting a criminal is to enforce the law as a deterrent to people committing crimes. Besides, most individuals don't have the resources to conduct a prosecution against a criminal who committed an act against them.

Why man committed a sin against god?

Adam and Eve committed sin in the garden of Eden, because the snake that is Satan convinced them that once they eat from the tree of life they would be as wise as god.