Was barack Obama responsible for tracing Osama Bin Laden?

Yes and no. The hunt for Bin Laden goes back before he was elected. Some Republicans have claimed that the methods that finally found Bin Laden can be traced to the Bush administration, but recently released CIA and FBI documents show that so-called "enhanced interrogations" were not responsible. Rather, it was a long-duration investigation within Pakistan, much of which was led by President Obama's team, and carried out capably by Navy Seals. While there is no evidence that President Bush was unwilling to find Bin Laden, it is equally untrue that President Obama had nothing to do with the ultimate capture of Bin Laden. The mission was a team effort, and the final successful result occurred under President Obama's leadership. Even Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense at the time (and a Republican), said Mr. Obama made a "gutsy" and "courageous" call in giving the command to go get Bin Laden in Pakistan.