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well implantation bleeding is usually light pink,brown or light red and it is light spotting that doesnt usually last more than two days.and it usually happens before your period. i hope this information helped you.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-29 04:28:54
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Q: Was it implantation bleeding or period if you bled shorter and lighter two days before period is actually due ovulating eleven days and having intercourse seventeen days prior?
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Is spotting after intercourse 2 weeks after your period a sign of pregnancy?

Could be a sign of implantation bleeding. However, implantation bleeding is actually quite rare. Chances are the intercourse was rough or your body is just kick starting your cycle.

You had your baby on September 302008 and you had intercourse for the first time November 2 can you be pregnant you actually think that you are ovulating today nov 3 you saw some clear discharge mucus?

Yes Most likely.

Is there a safe time for intercourse without getting pregnant?

Actually there isn't since a woman can start ovulating by having a strong orgasm. Women also don't ovulate the same days each month.

Does implantation bleeding occur at the same time at implantation cramping?

Actually, it can. But to be really sure, consult with your gynocologist.

Can you spot 7 days after you just stopped your period and are trying to conceive in the time you are ovulating?

I have heard of something called implantation bleeding. This occurs when a fertilized egg actually implants in the uterine wall. This bleeding would be light & pinkish, not like menstruation.

If you are ovulating and on the pill will you get pregnant?

Ideally, you do not ovulate while taking the pill. If you are actually ovulating while on a birth control pill (it can happen), then yes, you could become pregnant.

Should you have intercourse in the rectum while pregreant?

Actually, as far as I know, there is no problem with normal vaginal intercourse.

Can implantation bleeding occur 2 days after your period ends?

No, it can't. Implantation bleeding occurs when you don't get a period, and your body is actually pregnant. You are not pregnant.

How can you organsm?

By masturbation or by sexual intercourse. The word is actually 'orgasm'.

Can you have symptoms of pregnancy prior to implantation?

It is unlikely because until implantation takes you are not actually pregnant - but if you are early in a pregnancy, I'm not going to say your symptoms aren't real.

Should you stop the intercourse process if while having intercourse she bleeds because its her first time?

no, that's actually normal

Implantation would occur 7 days after conception and since conception takes about 4-5 days you would start implantation bleeding 12-13 days after sex?

I am no expert, but from all that I have read over the past week on this very subject, I believe that it is actually 7 to 12 days after the actual fertilization of the egg (intercourse) that the egg starts implanting and you may or may not have bleeding, or spotting.

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