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no he was not elected by people

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Why do people vote?

because they want to if they want the president to be elected they have to vote

In US president is elected by?

The US president it elected by an indirect process. Popular vote elects people known as electors who are pledged to vote for one particular candidate. The electors then vote for the president.

How does the president get elected of the US?

People vote for the president. If he/she (when there is a she) gets the most votes, they are elected president. Then they have to swore in and all that stuff.

Which of these men was the only president elected to two terms with less than 50 percent of the popular vote?

George W. Bush was the only president elected to two terms with less than 50 percent of the popular vote.

How does the president get elected in iran?

The President is elected by popular vote.

Before Bush who was the last president to become president without winning the popular vote?

Benjamin Harrison was elected in 1888 even though Grover Cleveland won a majority of the popular vote. Bill Clinton was elected with 43% of the popular vote in 1992, but that was a plurality.

What president were elected without winning the popular vote?

John Q. Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush were elected without winning the popular vote.

What percent of the popular vote is needed to elect the president?

None. The election is not based on the popular vote. It is based on the electoral vote. The electors actually cast the vote, so a president without the popular vote can be elected president, such as in the 2000 Election between George Bush and Al Gore.

Electors are elected by popular vote but the president is elected by?

Electors are elected by popular vote but the president is elected by the electoral college. A president candidate can win the popular vote and still not win if he doesn't win the electoral college.

Who formally elected the president?

The Electoral College formally elects the president. The Electoral College is elected based on population of that state and the persons elected cast the vote majority of their state. Although, not all Electoral College representatives cast the majority vote, some cast the vote based on their own opinion. See the last election, Bush and Gore. Al Gore won the popular vote, yet George W. Bush became president because of the Electoral College.

How can a president loose a popular vote and win the election?

A president is elected by the electoral college, not by the people.

Which preident was the most recent to won presidency but not have the most popluar vote?

There are four elected president who did not win the popular vote. The fourth and the most recent was President George W. Bush in the election in 2000.

How does the electoral college impact elections?

The electoral college elects the president and vice-president of the US. The electors are elected by popular vote and declare in advance how they will vote if they are elected, so the people choose electors who will vote the way they would vote if they were electors.

Do people vote for a president in Germany?

No, the President is elected by a college consisting of the Bundestag and representatives of the various states.

People of the US dont elect the President?

This is correct. The U.S. President is elected by vote by the Electorate College.

Besides the president who is the only nationally elected leader in the US?

Well, with the elected president comes the vice president.__________________As a footnote, neither the president nor the vice president is nationally elected. The people vote for electors in the presidential election.

The US President is elected if he or she?

The US president is elected if they win the vote of the Electoral College.

Why was George W. Bush re-elected?

Because we took a vote and he won!

What is an electoral colleges?

It is a group of electors that are elected by the people to cast the vote to elect the president

What are delegates and how are they selected?

delegates are people who help elect the president and they are elected by popular vote.

How does the president actually get elected?

He is nominated at a party convention and runs for the office. In the general election people vote, but a president is not elected by popular vote but by electors. These people are House members, senate members. It takes 270 electoral votes to win.

Who is the president chose by?

The president is chosen by the United States. People vote. Whoever gets the most votes is elected.

Can Congress appoint the President?

Congress cannot appoint the President. The United States President is elected by the people through a public vote. You have to be at least 18 years old to vote.

Who has responsibility to chose president and vice president?

The people of the United States. We vote for who we want elected and we ultimately decide who is president and vice president.

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