Was sind die wichtigsten gruppen der native Americans?

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Keine den Gruppen von Native Americans sind am meistens wichtig. Aber, einige Gruppen sind wichtig zum Europeischen Sielder. Zum Beisepiel, ich glaub dass die Iroquois Indians haben die Siedler gehilft wann sie zuerst angekommen.
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Who are native Americans?

Native Americans are those people who were the original inhabitants of the USA.Later on,people from Europe in particular and from all over the world in general moved to there.They are also called Red Indians.They are backward section of the society.

What is a native American?

When we are talking about natives, they are the people who belongs to a "tribe". They are the people whom we consider indigenous people. Native Americans are the people who belongs to an ethnic group who are leaving in America, who are groups with social or cultural identities distinct from that of ( Full Answer )

Why did millions of native Americans die during the Age of Discovery?

The entire population of North American in 1600 is estimated at 1 million. So there were not millions dying. Initial contact with Europeans introduced a large number of diseases to the native population. The East Coast of the continent was devastated, and the Pilgrims arrived to find abandoned vi ( Full Answer )

What did the native Americans do?

They done people The Dine' tribe use their native language to win the Korean War so you may have the freedom your enjoying today. I am proud to be a Dine'. bbahe, Sanders, Arizona

How did the native Americans die?

The native Americans didn't die as there are simply lots more left in the U.S.. The native Americans didn't die as there are simply lots more left in the U.S.

Where were the Native Americans from?

Native Americans were the first to live in N. America and they migrated from Siberia. ANSWER: Native Americans were the first people to live in the America's both north and south.

Who where the Native Americans?

They where the first Americans and they where known as the Seminoles. Which now the Seminoles are known in Tallahassee,FL as the home team. . What they produce ? Casino's

Why did the Native Americans die out?

There are still some left, so your question has no true answer ... but the biggest die offs were due to diseases imported by the European, esp small pox which was imported intentionally with the expressed intent of killing off large numbers of natives.but who really knows how the disease started ( Full Answer )

What is an native American?

A native American is an American who is descended from the pre-colonial people who inhabited America.

Why did thousands of New England Native Americans die between 1600 and 1657?

Smallpox was a huge culprit even before the Pilgrims landed. European traders and fishermen who visited North America, especially New England after initial expeditions by Hawkins, Vespucci etc. brought the deadly virus to coastal tribes in New England. These traders also kidnapped Native Americans l ( Full Answer )

Why did native Americans die after the spanish invasion?

The Native Americans died because of multiple factors. I'm gonna try and keep it short. The Native Americans, since they were not so massively concentrated as in the Old World cities, did not have many pandemics and plagues, so their immune system did not really have defense against the Old World vi ( Full Answer )

Who are the native American?

They are the people that lived in America before the Europeans came over and the natives hunted buffalo only for food till one day when Europeans came to the natives land and hunted all the buffalo that were there for a sport . The government started to take away the natives land.

Why are Native Americans NOT native to America?

They ARE native to America. Every group migrated from Africa, but the first ones to the area become native to that area. _______________________________________ The answer to the question: Why are Native Americans NOT native to America is: Because they immigrated from Asia. Like all American's th ( Full Answer )

Where is Native American?

Native Americans live all over the world, however, many live on land managed by their tribe. This land is called a "reservation."

What is the pronunciation of die sind in German?

"die sind", meaning "they are" or "these are"? in IPA: /di: zint/ (without the dot over the second i, to be precise) in American Atrocious Phonetic Spelling: [dee zint] (pronounce this in the English way, it will probably come out right). It is VERY important not to pronounce "die" like the English ( Full Answer )

Were the native Americans forced to join the colonials or die?

For some part, they were left alone; in other areas they traded to different degrees of openness and a few tribes even accepted colonial merging. However in some they were aggressive and endured retaliation, or were just wiped out in a pre-emptive strike.

Why do call native Americans Native Americans?

The term "Native American" is used (generally by Caucasians) to refer to the entire spectrum of individuals who are descended from the people living in North America at the time European explorers became aware of another continent they did not know about. The use of "Native American" has been promot ( Full Answer )

Warum sind die Amerikaner alle so dumm?

So you want to know why all Americans are so stupid? Apart from being a racist, bigotted question, it shows how stupid you are if you feel you have to ask it in the first place. Wenn Du eine so saublöde Frage stellen musst, dann zeigt es dass Du der dumme bist. Amerikaner sind nicht dümmer al ( Full Answer )

What does native mean in Native American?

This means that native Americans live here and are not from somewhere else. Like a native habitat which is a place where something is a home.

Why are Native Americans called Native Americans?

Native Americans are called such because they came to North America hundreds, if not thousands of years before the continent was ever found or named North America (and consequently America and Canada) by the white immigrant settlers from Spain, England, France, and many other countries "across the p ( Full Answer )

Warum sind die wichstigsten farben auf der Argentinieschenflagge Blau und Weiß?

The question means: Why are the important colors on the Argentinian flag blue & white. If you're actually asking this question, and not what it means, then.. there are a lot of interpretations of the colors' meaning. One is that they represent the sky and the clouds (with the sun symbol in the ( Full Answer )

What is the Native American Indian word for people you would die for?

Please rephrase your question, Native American covers almost 600 Indian Nations -- there is no one language designated "Native American! What follows are 23 language families into which the languages of North America are divided: 1) Algic Amerindian Language Family 2) Arawakan Amerindian Langua ( Full Answer )

How do native American get the name native Americans?

They were not called "Native Americans" until the last 10 or 15years, and the name is a misnomer. The older and more correct name is "Indians" or "Red Indians" (todistinguish them from Asiatic "East Indians"). In fact, they werecalled Indians long before the people in Hindustan (modern 'India')were ( Full Answer )

Are native Hawaiians Native Americans?

no, because Hawaii is an island geographically un connected to America, and only became an American state in 1959. Historians and archaeologists reckon that it became inhabited by settlers from Polynesia, so native Hawaiians are in no way Americans other than politically

How did the native Americans die from the flu and smallpox?

They actually did not die from the flu or small pox the native Americans really died because some Indian agents (who were corrupt) sold the clean warm blankets to get money to buy blankets that had been used in hospitals and had sickness on them.

Was sind zwei funktionen der kapselung?

Protection - ein wichtiges Dokument mit Kunststoff umspritzt, um den Text zu bewahrendenken. Containment - pulverisierte Medikamente sind oft in Gelatine eingekapselt, um eine gemessene Dosis zu erhalten

Why did Native Americans die from disease?

Because the English people from England brought it and the Native Americans caught it. The reason so many Native Americans died from the diseases brought by the Europeans was that the diseases were new to the Native Americans; they had never been exposed to them, therefore they had no immunity to th ( Full Answer )

Why did many native Americans die after contact with europeans?

You would imagine war and loss of crops were the reason for death of the native Americans, but in fact it was disease which had wiped out most of the native population. Small diseases which Europeans are mostly immune to were deadly to the native population and they had no cure.

Why did the American natives die after getting infected with European diseases?

They had never before been exposed to them so their immune systemshad no immunity at all and could not respond to the infections. In Europeans diseases like Smallpox had about a 30% fatality rate,in the Americans had a fatality rate exceeding 90% and in Europeansdiseases like Measles, Mumps, and Ger ( Full Answer )

What is a native american-?

A Native American is an American Indian. There were the first tolive in the Americas.

What caused many native Americans to die after Europeans came?

The Europeans were invaders and took ancestral lands of the Native Americans. They also brought disease, discrimination, foreign plants, animals, and insects. The European honey bee did more damage to the natural environment that it was environmental terrorism. Imagine you are sitting in your backya ( Full Answer )