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Was teddy Roosevelt's family rich?

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Roosevelt's family was an old New York family and very comfortable financially. Teddy , at age 20, inherited $125,000 which was worth at least 1 million today when his father died.and I think that's right.

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What are elenor Roosevelts hobbies?

Teddy Roosevelts favorite hobbies were swimming...........

Did Teddy Roosevelts have any nicknames?

As a child Teddy Roosevelt was called Teedie.

What was teddy roosevelts nickname?

"Teddy" is a nickname. His actual first name is Theodore.

What were teddy Roosevelts parents names?

Teddy Roosevelt's parents name were Martha and Theodore

What was teddy Roosevelts first government job?

Theodore Roosevelts' first government job was as a NY State Assemblyman.

What is teddy roosevelts middle name?

his middle name was nelson

What Was Teddy Roosevelts Square deal?

Your Mom was in the square deal

What is Theodore Roosevelts nickname?

He had two nicknames: Teddy and TR TR =)

What was theadore roosevelts hobbies?

Teddy liked hunting and the great outdoors.

Teddy roosevelts volunteer cavalry unit was known as the?

Rough Riders. They became famous mainly because of Teddy Roosevelt.

Country at war during Roosevelts administration?

If your talking about Teddy Roosevelt the answer is Russia

What was Roosevelts name?

Roosevelts name was Theodore. He had nicknames like : TR, Teddy and Rough Rider Hoped this info helped ( Im only eleven )

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