Was the Latin Language ever a spoken language?

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Yes, Latin was widely spoken from about the 8th century BCE to the 5th century CE in much of middle and southern Europe. It started to be spoken in Rome and was the main language of the Roman Republic and Empire. In the Eastern Roman Empire -later known as the Byzantine Empire- , Greek was generally the main language rather than Latin. The Byzantine Empire ended in 1453.
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What languages are spoken in Canada?

French and English are the official languages of Canada. Inuktitut,Inuinnaqtun, Cree, Dëne Sųłiné, Gwich'in, Inuvialuktun, Slavey andTłįchǫ Yatiì (Dogrib) are recognized regional languages. The country of Canada has two recognized official languages:English and French. The pe ( Full Answer )

Is Latin still spoken as a first language?

"No, people in the Vatican learn Latin but only after they have learned Italian or another language." False. Latin is still spoken as a first language in a very small area in Romania. Romania has a very small population spread out over a lot of land, and so it is often overlooked that a small port ( Full Answer )

What is the least spoken language and what is the most spoken language?

The language with the most native speakers is Mandarin. The language that is most widely spoken in the world is English. The least spoken language is a tie of about 200 languages, with only 1 or 2 remaining speakers. Ter Sami is often listed as the least spoken, but there are languages all over Aus ( Full Answer )

Why is the Chinese language the most spoken language?

China has a population of 1.4 billion people, most of whom speak Chinese. That alone makes Chinese the most spoken language. This doesn't even take into account the amount of people that are in Taiwan, Singapore, or other areas where Chinese people live. To whomever posted this, do your homework. ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in Norway?

Native language is Norwegian and supports two official sets ofwritten forms; Nynorsk and Bokmål. Nynorsk being a collected formof dialect that supports regions that does not speak bokmål. Thesami language is also spoken. Answer Our 1st language is Norwegian, our 2nd is English, and the m ( Full Answer )

What is the least spoken language on the planet?

Well, the chances are that you will not have heard of more than 3/4's of the worlds languages. There is around 2,093 languages in the world.. In Europe there are 200 languages, America just over 1000. etc. Many languages in the world are spoken by only 5 - 50 people, like different Native American ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in Belgium?

There are 3 official languages in Belgium: Dutch, French andGerman. Dutch is spoken by 60% of the people, living in the NorthernFlemish region. French is spoken by 40% of the people, living in the SouthernWalloon region. German is spoken in a small part in Eastern Wallonia. Most people speak at ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in Greece?

The official language of Greece is Greek . This breaks up into many dialects of Greek with subtle changes inpronunciation and so a Macedonian Greek, a Greek from Athens orEpirus and a Greek from the island of Crete will all understandeach other very easily. This has its origins back to the time of ( Full Answer )

What is the most spoken language in AMERICA?

English. But lots of people speka french in Canada and spanisho in unidados statidio deloamos americano. (where the drinks are free (tropicano banter))

What is the most spoken language in the EU?

German as the national language of Germany and Austria has about 90 million native speakers in the EU. This puts it ahead of English, which has about 64 native speakers in the EU and French with about 63 million native speakers in the EU.

Does Latin American mean the language spoken in Mexico?

Latin America refers to the regions of North and South America in which Romance Languages are spoken i.e. Spanish, Portuguese. So, Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Argentinian, Chilean, Paraguayan people are all considered to be Latin American.

What language is spoken?

There are many languages spoken throughout the world. Languagesvary throughout the world in different countries and regions of theworld.

What languages are spoken in Latin America?

The most widely spoken language of Latin America is Spanish. It isofficial in 18 Latin American countries, and the majority of peoplespeak it as their first language. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil,which while is only one country has by far the region's largestpopulation with nearly 200 million peop ( Full Answer )

Is Latin a spoken language?

Latin is not the language of any nation, and hasn't been for thousands of years. For centuries, Latin was widely used by the Roman Catholic church in its liturgy, and it may still be the official language of the Vatican, technically an indepenent state. It was used as the language of scholarship in ( Full Answer )

What is the oldest language ever spoken?

Everyone wants their language to be the oldest, but the truth is, that written language doesn't go back very far in Human history, and without artifacts of writing, we can't tell what was going on with language, or how it evolved. We can only theorize. Answer: Lithuania i know it is because ( Full Answer )

Where was Latin Latin last spoken as an official language?

It is still spoken as an official language in the Vatican. -- Note that Latin is rarely "spoken" as a language in modern times- (I don't think they speak it much at the Vatican either, though I may be mistaken) The official language of Vatican City is Latin, (I think Italian is as well) They ( Full Answer )

Was Latin the language spoken by the masses in Rome?

Yes, most certainly. Latin was the lingua franca of Roman Europe for the duration of the Roman Empire (this only for those countries under Roman rule at any given time), but for Roman people, Latin was just their everyday language.

What are the main languages spoken by Hindus?

Most of the sacred books of Hinduism are written in Sanskrit andthe script is called Devanagiri. However, Sanskrit is no longer incommon use. No particular language is main for all the Hindus. A majority ofIndians are Hindus. but that doesn't mean that we speak the samelanguage. Not all Hindus spea ( Full Answer )

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In Tunisia, they mostly speak arabic. As France made their empire on Africa , Tunisia was part of the French Empire. So as you can guess, they speak french. They usually learn this at the age of 8. If they surpass this, then they most likely go ahead to learn a 3rd language, English. They speak Ara ( Full Answer )

What spoken language is Java based on?

English.\n\n. Please note that the similary between a computer language and a spoken language is very remote. The keywords in Java are English words, or similar to English words, but that's about all, with respect to similarity.\n

What languages are spoken by cats?

The answer is 'Feline', spoken in high-pitched cries to show their emotion. Apart from that, cats don't speak a language. They just express their emotions with sound; like the old cavemen.

What language is spoken in the movie 'Legion'?

English is the language that's spoken in the movie 'Legion'. But the film has subtitle options available. The film has met with some criticisms, which largely center on the strong language.

What are the languages spoken throughout the world?

You've asked a very broad and general question so it's quite difficult to answer. There are countless countries and islands in the world and more than twice as many languages - some official, some not. Find below a list of languages spoken throughout the world that I have managed to find in Wikip ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in European Russia?

European Russia (and Asian Russia as well) speaks Russian. There are regional dialects, but they're all dialects of Russian and mutually intelligible.

Where is the Celtic language still spoken?

There's actually no such language as "Celtic". Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today (along with their locations): . Breton (England) . Cornish (England) . Irish Gaelic (Ireland) . Manx (England) . Scottish Gaelic (Scotland) . Welsh (Wales)

What are the languages spoken today?

There are 6,800 known languages spoken in the 200 countries of the world. 2,261 have writing systems and the others are only spoken. the universal language in use is English.

What language was spoken in Bohemia?

Bohemia is a region that is now the main part present-day Czech Republic, and their language is Czech, which was called Bohemian until about the 19th century. Czech originally evolved first from Proto-Slavic (an old language reconstructed by linguists, since we have no records of it) which turned to ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in Agrabah?

Agrabah is a fictional city. However, it is supposed to be in the Arabian Peninsula, whose common language is Arabic.

Was latin the first language ever used?

Not even close. Latin wasn't spoken as a language until sometime around 700 BC. The Egyptians were already 2000+ years into their civilization, by then. So, was Egyptian the first language?

What language was spoken before Latin?

If you mean in Italy, many languages were spoken before Latin became dominant. Etruscan was a major language - it is apparently unrelated to any other, whereas many other pre-Latin languages were related to each other. They include Oscan, Umbrian, Marsian and Marrucinian, but there were many more ( Full Answer )

Where are Latin language spoken?

Nowhere. Its a dead language. There are some countries like Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Italy, San Marino, Monaco, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Romania that used to speak it a long time ago.

What languages come from the latin language?

All the Romance languages came from the Latin language. There are more than 40 Romance languages spoken in the world, but the most notable are: Catalán French Galiciano Gallo Italian Ladino Lombard Occitan Portuguese Romanian Romansh Sardinian Spanish

What are languages from latin?

Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian are romance languages. This is a term which indicates that they are derived from Vulgar Latin; that is, from the mixture of Latin and local languages, which developed in parallel with classical Latin.