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Was the evacuation of London a success or failre in 1939-1940?


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Not, as many of the children who were evacuated returned home around Christmas time because there had been no bombings. parents had thought that there is no point of leaving their children there, so the children were brought home for christmas.

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Evacuation was a success in some ways. It made people aware of the poor living conditions of people in the cities. Also, the evacuation process made it possible to spare the lives of over 1,000,000 people.

Evacuation of children in England.

Dunkirk France. If you meant the evacuation for the children that was from London and other large cities and towns to the rural areas.

In London. It began and ended there.

Evacuation officially finished in March 1946, although many evacuees' had returned home long before this date. for example by 12 July 1945, 54,317 evacuees had returned to London.

The government started evacuation.

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Please expound on your question. What evacuation?

Evacuation began at 11.07am on Thursday 31st August 1939.

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During the World War 1 and 2 evacuation was introduced by the goverment to get the british population out of the major towns and cities (London) and into the countryside where they will be safer.

The evacuation of the children, and adult civilians who were part of the evacuation, began on September 1, 1939. The evacuation was called Operation Pied Piper. I have added a related link for you so you can read more about it. See below.

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The government Evacuation Scheme was developed in 1938

The Dunkirk evacuation, was codenamed Operation Dynamo by the British.

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