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No, the so called scramble for Africa was not a cause of WW1.

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Q: Was the scramble of africa a cause of world war 1?
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When did the scramble for Africa ending?

World War I

when did the "scramble for Africa"end (a) late 1900's (b) World War I (c) Early 1600's (d) the American civil war?

1880 & World War I was known as the "scramble for Africa", but it was not until 1960's that these colonies were granted their independence.

Which countries were involved in the scramble for Africa World War I?

Europeans (APEX)

What involved Europe Africa and the colonies?

Many things. World War one, World War two, the Scramble for Africa, the Decolonization of Africa, the Wind of Change, and many other things.

What happended in ther scramble for Africa Which nation remained independent?

why was the Crimean war faught

What two countries in Africa was not colonized by the Europeans?

Ethiopia and Liberia --- The Italians eventually conquered Ethiopia in 1938, but this is considered part of the World War II Axis expansion and not a proper colonization. After World War II, Ethiopia became independent again.

Was Rwanda a European colony?

Rwanda and Burundi were a German colony, but came under Belgian rule after World War 1.

What the scramble for Africa was?

a race for territory and influence

How was imperialism was a cause of World War 1?

Because they were competing for markets and econimc stabalization in Africa.

How do you explain what happened in the scramble for Africa?

The scramble for Africa took place in the 19th century when South Africa was being colonized by European countries. The Europeans would go to war to try and gain the land, and when they won the natives had to keep moving (like a defence wall they were being pushed closer and closer to the center).

Why was the Scramble for Africa important?

The Scramble for Africa was important for two reasons, the first being that the European powers fighting over African territory created tension in Europe, which eventually built up into World War I. The other reason it is important is because Europeans went into Africa and divided land arbitrarily, giving no thought to the tribes of people who lived there. This meant that many families were split up and enemy tribes grouped together, leading to conflict in Africa that continues to this day.

When did Africa's first World War start?

Africa has never had a 'World War' at all.