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Was the steel from the Twin Towers shipped to Japan?

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yes its was so it could be melted down and recycled. it was shipped out very quickly and many people believe it was so it couldn't be tested and examined.

2011-09-13 16:42:03
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Q: Was the steel from the Twin Towers shipped to Japan?
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Was the twin towers made from limestone?

No, the Twin Towers were made out of cement and steel.

What were the Twin Towers made of?

Steel and Glass

What was twin towers made of?

Steel Girders

What are the petronas twin towers made of?

Cement and steel

Were the twin towers made out of bricks?

No. they were mainly steel rods

What material was used in the Twin Towers?

Primarily steel and concrete.

Were the twin towers made of aluminum?

no they were made of steel and concrete. the steel is what melted to make it fall

Did Japan crash and crush the twin towers?

no it was osama bin laden

Where are the pieces to the twin towers to this day?

It is unknown precisely where the materials from the twin towers is to this day. Most of the materials were sold and shipped to foreign corporations and recycled before any investigators could examine the wreckage.

What cause the two Twin Towers to crash?

Failure in the designs of the twin towers cause the towers to fall due to extreme temperatures of fire cause by the planes that crashed into the towers. The concrete and steel reinforcement wasnt enough to withstand to extreme conditions.

What did they do with the twin towers?

they worked buisness in the twin towers

Were there bombs in the twin towers?

there were no bombs in the twin towers

What is the twin towers renamed?

The twin towers were never rebuilt or renamed. They are still simpily called the twin towers.

Why did they choose steel to build the twin towers?

because they knew that they were going to get killed by JEWZ! and MUZLIMZ!

Which is the tallest twin towers in the world?

The Petronas twin towers

What is taller Twin towers or Eiffel tower?

twin towers

What is bigger eifle tower or twin towers?

twin towers

When were the twin towers erected?

The Twin Towers were completed in 1972.

Why are the twin towers so important?

when were the twin towers built

Will the twin towers ever get rebuilt?

No, but they are building new towers called the freedom towers. They will be finished by 2013. If you Google "Where Steel meets Sky" you may be able to find out more about it.

What colors are the twin towers?

The Twin Towers were made of steel and cement so they were rather black and gray. The windows looked black and the cement gray. From a distance it looked like a pattern of black and gray.

How many Twin Towers are there in the world?

One set of Twin Towers are in the world right now, the Petrons Twin Towers. They are in Malaysia.

What materials did they use to build the twin towers?

The Twin Towers (WTC; World Trade Center) is built by steel frames supporting the square concrete floors that hold the building together. The core of the building is made of steel poles that support the 99 lifts in it. Also the facing materials are aluminum and steel supported with glass. That site has some more information about the twin towers.

Who was the designer of the twin towers?

Minoru Yamaki designed the twin towers

Did Jan Rowny Work In The Twin Towers?

* he was a cleaner in the twin towers