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Was there a time in history when the U.S. lost troops from another country?



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If the question is asking if the US lost any troops in another country, while engaged in Vietnam; we had US toops performing "Police Actions" in Santo Domingo, and the US Government was hunting down Che Guevara (one of Castro's Lieutenants) in Central/South America. A "Police Action", is a military action by regular armed forces, without a declaration of war, against guerillas, insurgents...violating international peace and order. Ref: Dictionary. If the question is asking if the US lost any troops "belonging" to another country, those would probably be categorized as "allied" troops. In additon, the US Military has "traditionally" hired local Nationals to work for the US Army as "scouts". During the US Frontier Cavalry campaigns in the west; Commanche, Apache, Cheyenne, Sioux, etc. served as "official" US Army scouts, to include a pension after so many years of service to the US Government. In Vietnam the US Army also hired "scouts", in the northern portions of South Vietnam they were called "Kit Carson's", in the Southern parts of South Vietnam (the Delta regions) they were called "Tiger Scouts." As during the frontier fighting days of the old west, the scouts employed by the US Army in Vietnam were ALSO ex-enemy soldiers; which had "switched sides."