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The "Luddites" were mostly dedicated to destroying machines and new inventions being instituted in the mills and workplaces of the day: The workers feared their numbers would be drastically reduced and their livelihoods were being threatened; they were not simply against change in general. Trade unions were not allowed, so there was so legitimate place to turn. The penalties for the destruction were quite severe, so one must assume they acted out of desperation, although it has been noted there was a revolutionary "tinge" on the part of some participants. Whether the actions were right or wrong would be decided in the minds of the men who acted, and those who were acted upon, I suppose, although in the view of the law, they were definitely wrong.

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Q: Was what the Luddites did right or wrong?
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The Luddites began in Nottingham and grew from there!

What are luddites opposed to?

Luddites are opposed to technological change.

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The main thing that Luddites protest about would be technology. The things that Luddites detest and dislike the most would be technology and they are against technology.

What did the luddites protest against?

The luddites protested because they got rid of their jobs for machines.

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textiles industry

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what did the luddities want

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Who Was The Leader Of The Luddites?

The Luddites were groups of men protesting against unemployment and reduced wages caused by mechanisation. There was no leader of the movement - their figurehead was Ned Ludd - a fictional person.

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