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Not quite sure but I believe a wash loan is when you take a loan from your cash value life policy and pay it back with interest, most of the interest goes back into your own account with the insurance company taking a very small percentage.

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Q: Wash loan provision for insurance policy?
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Related questions

What are the provisions of an insurance policy called?

A provision of an insurance company is often called an automatic premium loan. A provision is often added to life insurance policies as a rider on an insurance policy that has a cash value.

Does the cosigner on an auto loan have to be on the insurance policy?

By co-signing the loan, they are guaranteeing that you will repay the loan. They do not need to be on the auto insurance policy, but it would be in their best interest.

Can you take a loan out of your insurance policy?

yes you can

Do you get a 1099 if you take out a loan on a life insurance policy?

No. It is a loan, not income.

How do you take out a loan on your policy?

A policy loan is available only against a whole life policy, not a term life policy. Whole life accumulates cash value and a term life policy does not. The insurance policy will specify the interest rate that will accrue on the loan. The loan does not have to be repaid, but interest will continue to accrue if it does not. The insurance company will permit only a specified percentage of the cash value to be borrowed, and there must be a sufficient accumulation of cash value to a policy loan to be made. You should contact the insurance company directly to make arrangements for the loan.

Can loans against life insurance policy be considered a debt of the estate?

Loans coming from a life insurance policy are not debts. If you die and you didn't repay the loan, the loan amount plus interest is deducted from the face amount of the policy. If you cancel the policy or let the policy lapse while there's a loan balance, you will owe income taxes on the loan.

Does your car insurance cover your car if you loan it to someone in Texas?

Texas or not the policy you insurance company has you on determines that

Can an insurance company terminate your life insurance policy because you didn't pay the loan interest?


$25000.00 loan needed for education against dad's life insurance policy?

Yes, you can use a life insurance policy as collateral against an educational loan. Your local finance institutions can help you more.

Can you borrow on a life insurance policy if you already have a loan on that same policy?

If the policy has additional cash value, an additional loan is usally permitted, up to a certain % of the total cash value.

Can you take cash from a life insurance policy without terminating the policy?

You can obtain a loan on the policy. This depends on the terms and conditions of the insurer.

Can you take a loan against your life insurance policy?

Yes, but only if it's a cash value type of policy, not a term policy.

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