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We had a no fault car accident why is there a conflict of interest-?


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The conflict of interest is at a no fault. The sentence should read "We had no fault for the car accident".

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There is a conflict of interest because in most cases accidents are usually caused by human carelessness.

Whether the car is insured is not important, the point is who was at fault in causing the accident, it could be the person whose car is insured that is at fault.

It depends what the other person in the car accident was doing.

No. If the accident was your fault, you can not get money from the other person's car insurance.

You either get the at fault party or their insurance to pay or you have a wrecked car.

no one should be blamed. it is accident, and an accident is an accident.

i have car accident on august 28, 2012 it was my faulte

If there is no other vehicle involved in the accident, then the only person who can be at fault is the underage driver.

Yes - in UK law you would be considered at fault for such an accident. Please see the link below to see how to determine fault generally in a road traffic accident.

Who is at fault has to do with the accident itself not the insurance coverage. A police report of the accident and looking at the proximate cause of the accident help determine fault.

Unable to answer - too little is known about the circumstances of the accident. Was the driver of the car you were in at fault? Was the driver of the other car at fault? Submit your medical claims to the appropriate insurance company and wait to be contacted for an offer.

NONE. It was your fault. you'd have to pay for the damage of the other persons car too. dont expect any reward for accident.

They are at fault, even if that fault is shared jointly. That car is not supposed to be on the roadway, period. Therefore, it's assumed the accident would not have happened if that car hadn't been there. The driver will be cited for driving without insurance, and the car will be impounded.

It depends on whether or not the car is stationary at the time of the accident. If your car is stationary and they stumble into it, then they are at fault. However, if your car is moving when they are hit then you're at fault.

You should find evidence or witnesses from the accident to give proof (testify) that the accident was not your fault. You could also go to court...

there always has to be a fault. Something can't happen because of nothing.

Not if it is deemed to be 100% the other drivers fault and they have insurance.

Since car 3 was the initial cause of the accident, car 3 is at fault. If car 3 had not cut off car 2, car 2 would not have hit car 1, and if that was the case there would not have been an accident. As I said, car 3 is at fault. Hope this helps.

The driver at fault is always responsible for damages incurred during an accident. The at fault insurance company is responsible for damages to your car.

I think you'll get your car impounded.(in the USA)

If you have an accident and the car doesn't belong to you then the police will make you pay for the damage. It also depends on if it was your fault or not.

The at-fault party. Just because no one was cited doesn't mean some one wasn't at-fault. If no one was at-fault then the accident would not have happened.

no one is at fault it was an accident/ not enough information to determine if it was human error or car error

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