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no if you have a signed lease then you pay what is on lkease i would see a lawyer

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What is the charge for criminal damage?

Specific definitions and charges are specified by the states. You would have to determine what state laws apply.

Damage caused by weight training?

Be more specific. Damage to your body? Damage to your home? To the environment? What kind of "damage"?

At what amount does vandalism become a felony?

Vandalism is typically a misdemeanor charge. However, if the damage is severe and the damage is at least $1,000, the charge can become a felony.

Who is legally responsible for a neighboring renters damage to my property?

the renters are responsible

What is DW charge on rental car?

"Damage Waiver".

Is there realistic damage in need for speed pro street psp?

if there is damage and we charge separately for repair but the damage was not noticed as much as the PS3 version

What did the jay treaty say?

During Jay's Treaty the British agreed to pay damage for U.S. vessels they had seized. Also British agreed to leave the Ohio Valley by 1796.

What did Britain and the US agree to?

During Jay's Treaty the British agreed to pay damage for U.S. vessels they had seized. Also British agreed to leave the Ohio Valley by 1796.

Will your airsoft charger break if you over charge it?

no, but it will damage the battery.

How can repair battery damage due to reverse polarity charge?

If the battery is damaged replace it. There is no way to repair that damage.

Can turning on plane mode on your phone while charging can damage it?

No. This will not damage your phone and will in fact make it charge faster.

Non specific reaction to tissue damage?


What is the charge for crimnal damage?

The charge for criminal damage varies based on the extent of the damage. If you run over a stop sign while evading police, you will have to pay less than someone who caused a massive search by the police under false pretenses.

What natural disasters do typhoons cause?

well, technically they ARE natural disasters, but the specific damage they cause is water/flood damage and wind damage

Will a 24 volt charge damage a 12 volt battery?


What reasons can a landlord legally give for withholding a deposit?

Physical damage, or non-payment of rent.

Can a landlord charge for cat damage?

If a cat damages a rental property, the landlord can charge you for it. They will usually take it out of the security deposit.

What is the charge for repairing your crashed car without filing out a crash report?

Your answer depends on the damage and what the repair shop will charge you for fixing it.

If the dealer says a new car had light body damage and was repaired can they still charge sticker price?

They can charge whatever they want.

What is electrostatic discharge?

Discharging a static charge through an electronic component can damage it.

Can an electric forklift be used partway through a charge?

No, that may damage the battery

Can I charge my Kindle with a Blackberry charger and will it damage the Kindle battery if I do?

No, and yes it may.

What is the damage to the environment if you charge your phone everyday?

a lot of electricity is being used

How much can you charge your tenant in labor cost for replacing dry wall?

If you are improving YOUR OWN building you cannot charge your tenant anything -unless they caused the damage. If they did cause the damage you have to give them a fair rate for the job in your area.

What are the Consequenses of driving drunk in someone elses car?

The person in charge of a motor vehicle is legally responsible for their actions, regardless of whether they are the owner. If you break the law, that's it. Consider the idea that you deliberately set fire to a house that isn't yours. You are legally responsible for that criminal damage. In the same way, should you assault someone on premises that don't belong to you, you are guilty of that assault.