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The film "Jabob's Ladder" is about the US Army, not the Australian Army.

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What animals are killed during animal testing?

Animals that die during animal testing are Mice, Rabbits, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Cats & Monkeys

What do kokoda and the Vietnam war have in common?

The Kokoda Trail was a footpath going thru the OWEN STANLEY RANGE in the islands of New Guinea, just north of Australia. US & Australian (ANZAC) forces defeated Japanese troops, in a series of campaigns, as the Japanese tried working their way to the New Guinea coastlines, during WWII. Australian troops, upon arriving in Vietnam, apparently brought with them, their battle lineage from the Kokoda Trail.

Which Australian state is closest to Papua New Guinea?

Queensland is the Australian state that is closest to Papua New Guinea.

What was the Australian contributiopn to the Vietnam war?

Australia contributed several regiments to the Vietnam War. They fought in a particular area. Since Australia had dealt with an insurgency in New Guinea, which was then an Australian territory, they knew better how to deal with insurgents. As a result they had much greater success with a much smaller loss of men than the macho Americans.

What continent is the Republic of Guinea on?

Guinea is within the African continent, not to be confused with New Guinea which is within the Australian continent.

Why was Australia deployed to New Guinea in 1942?

Papua New Guinea was Australian territory.

What region is west new guinea in?

West New Guinea is in the Pacific, New Guinea is the norther part of the Australian continent.

How much was a guinea worth in australian dollars?

If you know how much 21 shillings are worth in Australian dollars you'll know how much a guinea is worth in Australian dollars, hoped this helped (I'm pretty sure it didn't though!)

Is Papua New Guinea a part of the Australian continent?

Yes, Papua New Guinea is part of Australia the continent.

Which countries were involved in world war 2 in Papua New Guinea?

The Australian and US troops fought against the Japanese in Papua New Guinea during World War II. The Allies were assisted by the native Papua New Guineans.

When did Papua New Guinea come under Australian rule?

During WWI,Papua New Guinea was occupied by Australian troops to defend the British half. When the Treaty of Versailles was established after World War I, Australia administered German New Guinea (the northern half), and the British part of the island came to be considered an External Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia, though it was still "owned" by Britain. At this point, the southern half came under Australian rule. The two territories were regarded as separate territories, known as 'Papua' and 'New Guinea'. After the New Guinea Campaign of World War II, the two territories came together as 'Papua New Guinea'. Australia still administered Papua New Guinea until the country was granted full independence on 16 September 1975.

Why do guinea pigs nibble on you?

If a Guinea pig nibble your hand it can mean that it's being affectionate towards you, otherwise the guinea pig is just "testing" things - which is done by using their teeth.

What is an Australian pelican?

An Australian pelican is a species of pelican, Latin name Pelecanus conspicillatus, found primarily in Australia and New Guinea.

Were any of the Australian soldiers experienced fighters on the Kokoda track?

The men of the Australian Army were veterans of fighting in the New Guinea Campaign.

What is an Australian magpie?

An Australian magpie is a species of magpie native to Australia and southern New Guinea, with the Latin name Cracitus tibicen.

What kind of animals die of animal testing?

rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs

Did the Australian army fight during World War 1?

Australia fought in Gallipoli where the Australian troops courageously tried to capture the beach from the Turks. In addition to Gallipoli, Australians fought on the Western Front in France; the Light Horse Brigade went to Egypt and the Middle East; the Australian Flying Corps served in German New Guinea, Mesopotamia and India; the Australian Navy saw action in the Indian Ocean (they sank a German light cruiser off the Cocos Islands) and German New Guinea.

How close to Australian territory did Japanese troops get in World War 2?

The were ON Australian territory since Papua New Guinea was administered by Australia.

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