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A few bombs were dropped from hot air baloons.

not only were they dropped for hot air baloons but also on the field. the most common type was the ketchum grenade that had fins on it. as the solder threw it, the fins stableized it, to make sure it hit the tip. if it did not hit the tip, then it would not ignite, thus it being like getting hit by a Baseball

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Q: Were bombs or grenades used in the US Civil War?
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When were grenades made?

Exploding bombs that are thrown have been around for centuries. Both sides of the US Civil War used hand thrown bombs.

Were there grenades during the Civil War?

Yes, there were small bombs that were thrown at the enemy. They were not very effective and often didn't explode.

What type of bombs did they use in world war 2?

atomic bombs and grenades

What kind of bombs were used during World War 1?

Mortars, artillery shells especially shrapnell, hand grenades and rifle grenades.

Did they use hand grenades during the civil war?

Several types of hand grenades were used in the American Civil War, some better than others, but none were used on a large scale. For detonation they employed the new percussion caps (the same ones used in Civil War firearms) instead of lighting a fuse as with earlier hand grenades.

Names of bombs during world war 1?


What kind of bombs were used durng World War 1?

They were mostly motar rounds, artillery shells particularly shrapnell, hand grenades and rifle grenades.

What kind of bombs were used in the civil war?

The closest thing to a bomb in the civil war would be a mortar round.

What did the woman of Britain do to help World War 2?

Worked on farms, made bombs and hand grenades There are a few more things, but mainly working in factories with bombs and hand grenades

Why were grenades used in World War 1?

To kill people from a distance and eliminate the enemy. A form of grenade was also used in the Civil War.

What were new weapons used in World War 1?

bayonets, machine guns, guns, shells, grenades, bombs. that sort of stuff

What Weapons were used during war in the 20th century?

Weapons used in the 20th century were flamethrowers, grenades, mills bombs and jam pots: both forms of grenades, machine guns, pistols, poison gas, rifles.

Did they use bazookas in the civil war?

No, nothing of that sort was even invented, im pretty sure there wasnt even grenades. He's correct they didn't have bazookas in the War Between The States but they did have grenades. The North used Ketchum Grenades and the South used a couple of different designs.

Did they use bombs in the civil war?


Was hand grenades used in World War 1?

Yes, hand grenades were widely used in WW1

What nuclear bombs were used in the Cold War?

No bombs were actually used during the Cold War. That was why it was not a hot war.

What are five weapons that were used during world war 2?

Weapons used during WW II included rifles, tanks, hand grenades, machine guns, and atomic bombs (only at the end).

How was property destroyed in the civil war?

It was destroyed by fires and bombs.

How did soldiers in World War 1 kill the enemy?

They sent grenades, bombs, gas bombs and pretty much anything explosive they could get their hands on. They also shot them with rifles etc.

What kinds of bombs were used in the US Civil War?

bombs that when touch the clouds grow wings and go rainbow then they rain stars that fall down and burn people to death

What were grenades used for?

Detonating the opposing side in a war or battle.

What are facts about grenades used in World War 1?


What tools did they use during the civil war?

Guns, bombs, and cannons.

Was there any bombs in the civil war that blew up in the sky?


What weapons did the British use in world war 2?

Everybody knows that the British used assault rifles and sniper rifles, and so did the rest of the armies in the war. Airplanes, tanks, cannons, artillery, bombs, hand grenades, knives were just some of the items used.